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Total Bellas, Episode 5: The Rise of Nikki

10.53K   //    06 Nov 2016, 06:56 IST
Brie continues to be irresponsible with her sister’s neck.

Previously on…

Kathy got a weird surprise lap dance from Johnny Ace and her daughter at her wedding celebration.

Nikki was mad that Brie had changed since she married Bryan and Winston ate his own poop. JJ dropped from the top spot for being a brat, Nikki snuck in a win for the episode by proving she’s not completely soulless and Bryan’s dead. Or he went back to Washington or something.

We open the episode with Brie at the beach with JJ and Ace. Brie looks upon a sunset, takes a picture and wonders if she sent it to Bryan, would it make him happier? Would the idea that every day is a new day with each setting sun bring the promise of hope and opportunity?

Could this help him find the strength within, to push forward, face his challenges, and emerge from the dark clouds like a phoenix to the sky, victorious in life, laughter, and love?

It is the most mediocre sunset I've ever seen.

Nikki, Kathy, and JJ’s pregnant wife Lauren join them, so we get more of Brie explaining that no, she hasn’t changed because she’s with Bryan, NIKKI has changed since she’s been with Cena. Nikki’s all “Whaaaa?” and then totally agrees. She just needs to spend more time with Brie.

They should produce and star in a television program together.

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