Triple H to book Logan Paul in the biggest WWE celebrity match ever? The seeds have already been planted 

Logan Paul
Logan Paul is current United States Champion [Image source:]

Logan Paul has faced some of the most elite superstars in WWE since joining the Stamford-based promotion. It appears as if The Maverick is being prepared for a blockbuster match against a popular personality in the company. The seeds of the potential showdown may have already been planted.

WWE CCO Triple H is likely furtively cooking a high-profile feud for the 29-year-old against Pat McAfee. The possibility arose after what transpired at King and Queen of the Ring 2024 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During the Cody Rhodes vs. Logan Paul match, a furious Michael Cole reprimanded the social media megastar for using cheap tactics. Hence, McAfee could face Paul to teach him a lesson.

After Michael Cole criticized Paul, the latter went after him for a fight, intending to knock out the veteran WWE commentator. There's a good possibility that Cole could rejoice once The Maverick loses the United States Championship, which might happen at SummerSlam 2024. The 55-year-old veteran could lambast the popular YouTuber after his loss, which might enrage the latter to attack him.

This could ultimately lead to popular sports analyst and former NFL star Pat McAfee coming in support of his fellow commentator and standing against Logan Paul. It might pave the way for Triple H to book both stars in arguably the biggest WWE celebrity match in the Stamford-based promotion.

While Paul is a global social media influencer, McAfee is a renowned personality outside of WWE. Given their star power, this could be one of the biggest blockbuster matches, as the seeds of it have already been sown at the 2024 King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event.

Will the United States Championship be on the line if Logan Paul faces Pat McAfee?

A potential match between Logan Paul and Pat McAfee is just speculation that has a good possibility of materializing. However, this feud could stem from the fact that Paul has bad blood with Michael Cole following what transpired at the previous premium live event.

However, if The Maverick ever faces McAfee in the squared circle, the chances of their potential match being for the United States Championship are quite low. It is because this match has star power of its own and can be billed as the biggest celebrity showdown in the Stamford-based promotion.

The potential feud between Paul and Pat McAfee does not necessarily need a title, as it might look redundant. Therefore, this rivalry could play out after The Maverick loses the United States Championship at some point in WWE.

It remains to be seen whether the bad blood between Logan Paul and Michael Cole ever leads to McAfee's intervention, paving the way for a dream bout between the two stars.

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