Triple H reveals interesting reason why he created Evolution

Evolution reunites
Evolution reunites

WWE on FOX recently posted a video on its official Youtube channel, taking a look at the origins of Evolution, one of the greatest factions in WWE history.

The origins of Evolution

Evolution was formed in late 2002, with original members being Triple H and Ric Flair. Soon, Randy Orton and Batista were recruited and the group went on to reign supreme over Monday Night RAW for the next two years or so.

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In the following video, Triple H shares an interesting take on the origins of Evolution. The Game stated that his attempt to bring back Flair's lost confidence gave birth to the concept of Evolution.

"Ric had a point in his career where he had sort of lost his confidence and I was trying to get him back to being Ric Flair. Evolution became a thing between a conversation with Ric and I.
"I was trying to get him going again. If he was with me, it would be a way to boost his confidence, but if he had some young guys to be around, we could make some new stars 'cause we were at a point where we're transitioning as a business."


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