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Truth revealed about sabotaged date between Mandy Rose and Otis by mysterious figure

A mysterious figure revealed what Sonya had done
A mysterious figure revealed what Sonya had done
Modified 04 Apr 2020

Over the last couple of WWE SmackDown episodes, there have been mysterious glitches, teasing a new gimmick for a Superstar. Now, it appears the figure has intervened in the existing feud of Otis, Mandy Rose, and Dolph Ziggler, by airing a previously unseen video.

On SmackDown, Tucker was set to take on Dolph Ziggler. Unfortunately for him, Ziggler used the outside of the ring to brutalize Tucker, resulting in the match actually being brought to an early end. However, as Ziggler was about to assault Tucker after the match was over, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville stopped him, following which Otis came out to save his tag team partner.

Things only got more confusing from there as the glitches showed, and the Titantron showed a hooded figure, whose face was not revealed, say "The truth will be heard."

He then aired a video of the night of the originally planned date between Mandy Rose and Otis. It showed Sonya send messages to Otis behind Mandy's back, pretending to be her, so that he had the wrong idea about where to meet her.

This would result in Otis being late, and Dolph actually hijacking the date.

While Sonya's reasons were not revealed, Mandy rushed away, clearly upset by what was a betrayal from her best friend. Otis was also left fuming, but had to take care of Tucker, who was still hurt and writhing on the steel steps.

The future of the feud is not exactly clear from here, but it will be interesting to see who the mystery figure is. Current rumors are swirling around Sami Callihan, as he had a similar hacker gimmick in NXT. However, for now, that is no more than speculation.

At WrestleMania 36, Otis is set to face Dolph Ziggler in a one-on-one match.

Published 04 Apr 2020, 07:10 IST
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