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Unhappy WWE Superstar responds to Triple H's NXT media call comments

  • He is reportedly looking to get out of #WWE, as well.
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:07 IST

Sad Triple H is sad.
Sad Triple H is sad.

During the media call for this Saturday's NXT TakeOver: War Games, NXT head honcho and beard enthusiast Triple H covered a wide variety of subjects. One of those burning topics involved WWE talent airing grievances they have via social media. Needless to say, he didn't quite care for them doing that.

“I don’t understand people airing issues [in public]," he told the assorted press assembled on the call, “if you put that out there in the media, that’s not a way to go about business, If I had a complaint with a talent I don’t go on Twitter and complain [about] them, I speak to them. I’ve never understood that process if it’s legit.”

Oney shoots back... on Twitter

The Game was almost certainly referring to the situation with Jordan Myles, who has now reverted back to his original ring name, ACH, after getting his release. Myles had previously gone on Twitter to show his anger at what he considered a racist t-shirt design WWE had provided for him.

Oney Lorcan is another Superstar not particularly happy with his WWE job right now, but he's been relatively quiet about it in public (which is odd if you read his Twitter account). Reports recently surfaced that he had requested his release back in October, though that clearly hasn't happened. He did, however, take to social media to comment on Triple H's statement - and in a way only Oney can:

Or, to translate:

“The mature professional thing to say would be ‘no comment’ and have a private conversation, promoter to independent contractor, instead of burying talent publicly to the media. That’s how I do business, it’s all about the game and how you play it.”

Oney, who has recently - as you can see - switched his Twitter profile back to his original ring name - has been in NXT since 2015.

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Published 23 Nov 2019, 01:05 IST
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