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Upcoming episodes of Hana Kimura's Netflix show have been suspended

Hana Kimura
Hana Kimura
Modified 29 May 2020

Hana Kimura's unfortunate death has brought to light the detrimental effects of cyberbullying. The Stardom wrestler's tragic passing has attracted mainstream attention and there are calls from all quarters for strict legal action to be taken against those who perpetrate cyberbullying.

In Hana Kimura's case, the unwanted online vitriol reportedly stemmed from an incident that happened on the Netflix reality show 'Terrace House'.

Dave Meltzer revealed on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio that the future of the show looks grim due to Hana Kimura's death. Filming of the show had already been stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Meltzer noted that the show remains suspended despite Japan beginning to open up various sectors.

Meltzer revealed that even though there are chances that the crew of the show can resume filming, there is a possibility that the show goes away for a while before it comes back. However, the show could reportedly be done for good. 

New episodes of the show were scheduled to be aired on May 25th and 26th respectively. The streaming of the new episodes on Netflix has also been suspended until further notice, as revealed by the Netflix Japan Twitter handle. Japanese TV insiders have revealed that the show won't even be able to air on regular Japanese TV going forward.

Meltzer also added that threats were made to people who sent messages to Hana Kimura and these people have been scrambling to delete their social media accounts. Dave Meltzer, however, didn't expect any legal proceedings to be initiated against the accused.

Yeah, right now it looks like, umm they have, the season has been suspended. It wasn't being filmed since everything shut down in Japan anyway, but, even though things are getting up and it could be filmed again every shortly, they have suspended it and I think there is a pretty chance, either the show will go away for a while and then it may come back where it may be done. So, that's the situation there.
There are definitely threats on people who made terroristic threats to her and the idea that. I don't know how they will be prosecuting. I don't really think they will but, like I said the other day, people who did it have been deleting accounts left and right because there are a lot of people scared over this one.

The Terrace House incident involving Hana Kimura

The premise of the show involves six strangers - three men and three women - living in the same house with cameras documenting the interactions and day-to-day activities between the contestants.

Hana Kimura joined the show in September last year and one particular incident from an episode in March sparked a widespread uproar amongst the viewers. A male cast member apparently shrunk her wrestling gear in the washer.

Hana Kimura lost her temper and pulled the cap off his head while also making a few comments during the flare-up. Kimura was subjected to various hateful comments on social media on the heels of the incident.

The cause of Hana Kimura's death was also recently revealed and it has just been a horrible story to digest, not just for the professional wrestling community, but also for people from all walks of life.

Published 26 May 2020, 21:44 IST
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