Vince McMahon's opinion on Aalyah Mysterio in WWE revealed 

Aalyah Mysterio has become a popular figure on WWE RAW recently
Aalyah Mysterio has become a popular figure on WWE RAW recently

On WWE RAW, Aalyah Mysterio's controversial storyline with Murphy has been a hot topic of conversation for even the most dedicated pro wrestling fans.

Some people think it is cheesy, while others love the entertainment value that Seth Rollins and The Mysterio Family's feud brings to the table.

As reported by, Vince McMahon is apparently a big fan of Aalyah Mysterio's role in WWE. A WWE source told Paul Davis:

"Don’t be surprised if Vince offers her a full-time contract. He sees star potential in her. You will see her in multiple segments on some shows going forward."

Aalyah's segment from the latest edition of RAW where she ran out to protect Murphy has been watched 1.5 million times on YouTube. Some segments involving Rey Mysterio's daughter have surpassed two million viewers as well.

The same source also revealed Aalyah's backstage attitude on WWE RAW:

"She’s great to work with. She’s eager to learn and if she wants to pursue a career here or anywhere in the entertainment world then I think she will be successful."

The Mysterio family have grabbed considerable attention ever since they got involved in a heated feud with Seth Rollins. Apart from Rey and Dominik Mysterio, it looks like Aalyah is the most newsworthy member from her family at the moment. As a result, backstage officials and Vince McMahon are pretty positive on her outing with WWE so far.

Dominik Mysterio comments on Aalyah's involvement in his WWE storyline

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Dominik was asked about how his sister, Aalyah, got involved with WWE. He said,

"I don't really know. I think the idea was pitched for her to come on and kinda help me, and kinda be part of the story and help motivate me, and then it kinda just turned into a whole another, 'let's all beat Murphy with the kendo stick'."

In kayfabe, it doesn't look like the Mysterio family are pleased with Aalyah's involvement with Murphy, and it will be interesting to see if this chasm of conflict between the Mysterios gets resolved or not.

In the same interview, Dominik also talked about potentially facing his own father inside the squared circle someday. For more on that, click it here.

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