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What happened after Clash Of Champions 2016 went off air?

Indianapolis showed a lot of love to The Architect after his unsuccessful challenge of the Universal Championship

Image courtesy: WWE.com

Seth Rollins had a great encounter with Kevin Owens last night in the main event of Clash Of Champions. The bout ended in controversy when Kevin Owens’ best friend Chris Jericho came out and caused a ruckus, thus distracting Rollins and allowing Kevin Owens to hit the pop-up powerbomb on Rollins and pick up the victory, thus retaining his WWE Universal Championship. On-air, the show ended with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho standing tall while Y2J sang “We are the champions” by Queen.

After Clash Of Champions, a beaten and bruised Architect received a standing ovation from the Indianapolis crowd:

As seen above, Rollins was left in the ring trying to collect himself, and the audience gave a standing ovation, chanting his name. Rollins briefly acknowledged the crowd’s appreciation of him, and his music hit and he slowly walked the ramp before turning around one last time, getting cheered again, and then leaving. 

Due to the dirty finish, it is very unlikely that the Kevin Owens-Seth Rollins feud is over. They will likely have a rematch in the next Pay-Per-View where they will need to put a stipulation that prevents Jericho’s interference. A big steel structure which is the theme of the next PPV may perhaps be the answer – Hell In A Cell. 

Hell In A Cell is the next Raw exclusive PPV.  It is highly likely that Rollins will be facing The Prize Fighter in a Hell In A Cell match. It makes storyline sense, and we could likely see the build or the announcement of it on the coming episode of Raw. 

Another interesting point to note was a video that WWE’s official social media page posted a reaction video of Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon’s take on the main event of Clash Of Champions. Stephanie gave a very ambiguous answer as she was leaving, and she was greeted by her husband Triple H in the car, and they kissed before leaving

In the PPV, Stephanie addressed both Owens and Rollins in an extremely friendly way and has been giving signs of turning on Mick Foley.  Could we see a rehashed version of The Authority? Whatever it is, Rollins has still been showing heelish tendencies, and his face turn is not yet an official one. It is a slow burning one and could perhaps be cemented once the build to Rollins vs Triple H is underway. 

Check out what did Roman Reigns say after his title win:

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