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What happened after RAW went off the air

Akhil 1690
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WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow Halloween Night

The latest edition of RAW ended with The Undertaker confronting CM Punk. After the show went off the air, The Undertaker went back stage, closely followed by CM Punk.

The Big Show was scheduled for a dark match with The Shield. After Big Show made his way to the ring, the Shield made their way to the ring as well in their usual way and surrounded the WWE superstar.

The Shield went all out and beat Big Show down and then hit him with a huge triple power bomb.

Then, John Cena and Sheamus came out to take on The Shield. It became an all out brawl with two sides going at it. The Big Show slid out of the ring and slowly made his way back stage.

The the dark match turned out to be Cena, Ryback and Sheamus versus The Shield. The baby face team got the upper hand after the opposition got disqualified for using a chair. Eventually, The Shield set Ryback up for a triple power bomb, only to be interrupted by Sheamus who came flying in with a brogue kick. Then Cena, Ryback and Sheamus hit each member of Shield with their respective finishers.

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