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What happened when Edge cashed-in the first-ever Money in the Bank in January of 2006

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New Year's Revolution 2006 saw a huge first
New Year's Revolution 2006 saw a huge first

With the new year upon us, January always marks the excitement and hype for the WWE Royal Rumble. The second biggest pay-per-view of the year kicks off the road to Wrestlemania.

However, there was a time not long ago when fans did not have to wait until the end of January to get the first event of the year. When the calendar turned to the new year, they only had to wait 9 days at most to kick off a new cycle of pay-per-views. At one of these events, a groundbreaking and monumental moment took place that fans should always remember.

New Years Revolution was an event that only ran three times from 2005-2007. During its duration, it featured two Elimination Chamber matches and saw one Samoan Bulldozer's undefeated streak come to an end. Multiple Hall of Famers competed at this event but it is one Hall of Famers moment that projects through time.

In the state capital of New York on a cold, wintery night in the Pepsi Arena (now the Times Union Center), WWE was holding its second annual New Years Revolution in 2006.

The opening match alone featured current Hall of Famer, Edge (accompanied by another current Hall of Famer, Lita) vs. two-time Hall of Famer, Ric Flair. The rest of the card was stacked with current and future inductees as well. Current names like Trish Stratus, Jerry "the King" Lawler, and even appearances by Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah alongside future names like Triple H and the Big Show.

The night's main event was an Elimination Chamber match featuring John Cena defending his WWE Championship against Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Carlito and Chris Masters. The match itself was nothing short of great. Kurt Angle exploding from his pod and unloading German Suplex after German Suplex was incredible to watch. Shawn Michaels delivering Sweet Chin Music is always remarkable.

In a turn of events, the match came down to Cena, Carlito, and Masters. At this time, Masters and Carlito were a tag team so the odds were not in the favour of the leader of the Cenation. After Carlito rolled up Masters to eliminate him, Cena rolled up Carlito the get the pinfall and retain the WWE Championship.

This is where a new page of historical moments in WWE was about to be written.

Vince McMahon's music blasted through the arena to rousing applause. The Chairman made his way to the stage and ordered the cage to be raised as the evening was not over. He proclaimed the fans would see one more match that night.


As the WWE Universe was hanging on waiting to see what this impromptu main event was going to be, he stated this person was cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase and that brought out Edge to a thunderous ovation.

The Money in the Bank briefcase contains a contract for a World Title opportunity at any point they feel fit. Edge won the briefcase at the previous years Wrestlemania. He was the first man to win the ladder match making him the first time a superstar was cashing in the briefcase in WWE history.

The bell rang and the Albany crowd was manic, to say the least. Never before had they seen anything like this. Cena, all bloodied and damaged after just competing in a gruesome chamber match versus Edge, who had wrestled some 3 hours earlier, well rested and ready to pounce.

He nailed the first spear only for a near fall. The crowd was frantic as they were wondering how he could kick out. Edge lined him up again and nailed a second spear. In perfect unison, the WWE Universe counted along with the ref one, two, three. The bell rung and just like that they had a new WWE Champion.

The first of eleven world titles for Edge, finally propelling him to main event status. This is where he earned the nickname "the Ultimate Opportunist".

It's crazy to think of all the cash-ins the fans have had over the years. From the Miz on Randy Orton to Seth Rollin's memorable Wrestlemania cash in, the Money in the Bank briefcase has provided some of WWE's most shocking and memorable moments.

The first one is no different. It provided a moment in time and propelled a superstar. It kickstarted a rivalry that lasted almost a year. It set the stage for the future. The ironic thing about it all is that it took place at a defunct event that now has its own event name. Never forget that cold night in Albany where it all started at an event that no longer exists.