What in the world is going on with WWE's Lacey Evans now?

WWE's Lacey Evans has been scheduled to return to action for quite a while now
WWE's Lacey Evans has been scheduled to return to action for quite a while now
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WWE Superstar Lacey Evans is everything she says she is. She's a wife, a mother and a lady who has survived childhood trauma to eventually excel as a soldier and sports entertainer. She's someone who can be admired for surviving through some terrible and tragic beginnings.

For WWE management, Evans is almost the perfect blueprint for what they see in a femme fatale: She's tall, blond and powerful. Her background story is not only compelling, but also patriotic.

We all know how much Vince loves to wave Old Glory in front of our eyes anytime he gets the chance. Evans was another chance for the promotion to re-visit the 'American Hero' trope.

Lacey EvansWWE Monday Night RAW #151216 mai 2022World Wrestling EntertainmentTV-ShowNorfolk, Virginia, USAArena: Scope Arena

The Georgia native, with her sweet and syrupy southern accent, is about as red, white and blue as you can get. Even baseball and apple pie would be impressed by her 100% American Made resume.

Lacey Evans was set to return to WWE as a heroine and play off her real-life story as part of her onscreen persona

For weeks, the promotion presented isolated promos, with Evans sharing the difficult details of her life. It was incredibly powerful in the beginning, but began to wear on the WWE Universe as they seemed to just drag on. This may have been a warning sign that the creative team wasn't completely sold on her as the good girl.

At the time, fans were still excited by the prospect of seeing a re-packaged Lacey Evans. This time portraying who she really is. It's an absolute no-brainer and a slam dunk for WWE.

In the last few weeks, however, she's been a lot like Carmen Sandiego. It would take a team of super sleuths to find out where in the world she is.

As of right now, Lacey is back on the SmackDown roster after originally being tabbed to move to RAW from the blue brand. She's also possibly going to be a heel, despite getting a huge babyface build-up.

WAKE UP. WORK. WIN!The INSPIRATIONAL @LaceyEvansWWE returns to #SmackDown NEXT WEEK!๐Ÿ’ช#WWE

Or.. she might still be a hero. But maybe not. No one's sure. Least of all the people in charge. Their own confusion not only confounds the viewers, it has to be difficult for Evans as well. Every time she turns around, something involving her character is being changed or tweaked.

The easy answer here is to stay the course of making Lacey into the super savior that a true soldier really is. That's the persona that people want to see. WWE was very close to delivering on it, only to mangle the package at the door.

It's still not clear what or who Lacey Evans will be when she finally receives her big push, but one thing is certain: World Wrestling Entertainment missed out on a big opportunity that they may never be able to salvage again. Lacey Evans is a natural babyface. She should be someone that we salute... not scowl at.

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