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When I am in the ring I forget who I am: Indian TNA star Mahabali Shera

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Kurt Angle signed Mahabali Shera for TNA from India

Mahabali Shera (real name – Amanpreet Singh) is an Indian Professional Wrestler who made his debut in TNA Impact Wrestling on January 7, 2015 defeating Tigre Uno. After his debut, Shera changed his ring name to Khoya.

The 24 year old TNA star from India uses Sky High and Veera Bomb as his in-ring finishing moves. In spite of his busy training schedule, Shera was beneficient enough to answer some of the question put up by our correspondent Ratish Menon. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Q You are the first TNA star from India. Considering the population, you represent a lot of people and its really a big deal. How do you feel right now and what are your future plans in TNA?  

It feels great to be the first TNA star from India. I had worked really hard to get myself in TNA and also been praying to God for this. As i am the only person in TNA from India, I feel it is my responsibility to take my country to the top of the TNA Wrestling show. I just want to work hard as much as I can to be on the top and to make my country proud.  

Q What inspired you to take up professional wrestling in spite of the famous ‘Akhara’ wrestling in your home state of Punjab? Who have been your ultimate wrestling idol in India and internationally?

From my childhood I had developed an interest in kabaddi which was played near my locality. My parents also encouraged me to play. Slowly I drifted to wrestling and realized the only way i could make my parents, my village and my country proud was to be an international star in wrestling  So I have just followed my dream since then.

I had been a great fan of Dara Singh. I followed him like an idol. 

Q. We all know you have a great interest in bodybuilding. How did that start? Tell me something about your training regimen?

I started professional bodybuiding when I was 18 and soon realized its importance. I came to know that if i want to be a good wrestler, I need a good body. Right from then, I started to train my body in gyms and other fitness centres.

Q Share your experience of the TNA so far. How do the other wrestlers behave with you?

In the beginning I had a few problems like settling there in the foreign land, going to such a big organization and greeting the manager(laughs). But now everything is getting better day by day. I had both kind of experiences – bitter and sweet.

Q Kurt Angle supposedly picked up the wrestling business quicker than anyone. What do you think he saw in you as your main qualities when he scouted and helped train you?

I really admire Kurt Angle, especially his wrestling career. Apart from my luck, I believe its my focus and dedication which attracted him and made him select me for TNA. 

Q How has been your reception been at TNA so far by the fans and do you see after your success TNA would look seriously to tap into an Indian fan base in the future?

It has been great so far. I am really enjoying whatever I have achieved. I think if there is anyone here in India who is a potential candidate for TNA wrestling they will surely select him. In fact, i know they(TNA) are serious about Indian wrestlers.

Q You are a part of the Revolution stable who are a villainious wrestling stable in TNA, but in real life you are so easygoing and cheerful. How was your experience as member of that team? How are you different from your character in the ring and outside?

I am a cheerful person in real life but when I am in the ring, I completely forget who I am. The crowd may abuse me or cheer for me, I am just focussed on my target, which is to win every single match.

Q Your next match is with Jeff Hardy who is known to be a high-flying superstar, and you of course are a power-based wrestler. What’s your take on Jeff Hardy and this upcoming match? 

I recently met Jeff Hardy face to face. I know he has been a great wrestler but when it comes to fighting and winning, I don’t care about anyone. I just need to win and nothing can deter me. 

Q Please describe how you came to be in the event Ring Ka King in 2011.

I was in my hometown in 2011. I heard some auditions were been held in Chandigarh as part of TNA India Project. A thought crossed my mind that this might be a good career starter so i gave the audition. There were around 15 boys who had come for the audition.

After that, I competed in the RKK World Heavyweight Championship tournament in which i made it to the quarterfinals, but got defeated by Scott Steiner in the semi finals.

Q Would TNA consider doing house shows in India? What message would you like to give the young Indian fans of the show? Can we expect you at a live event in India?

Sure. TNA will soon come to India for live events.

I would just like to spur the young fans to follow their dreams with passion and stay focussed. If TNA schedules an event in India, I would be the first one to request a match for my audience here.

Catch Mahabali Shera take on the legendary Jeff Hardy on Monday, 30th March 2015 @ 9PM on TNA IMPACT Wrestling exclusively on SONY SIX. 

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