When WWE veteran refuted claims he had an affair with Stephanie McMahon

Former WWE Chairwoman & Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon
Former WWE Chairwoman & Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon

Over the years, former WWE Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon has been romantically linked with a few superstars, including Test and Randy Savage. Meanwhile, The Billion Dollar Princess even married 14-time world champion Triple H.

A few years ago, however, Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler insinuated that she had had a love affair with current WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard.

"Hey, Stephanie McMahon is hot. Do you think she’s wild in the sack? Well, that's what Bruce Prichard told me," Lawler said on the Mancow radio show. [H/T: WWFOldSchool]

Lawler's comments started rumors that The Billion Dollar Princess might have had a fling with Prichard, which apparently angered the WWE veteran. He later denied the rumors during an episode of the Something to Wrestle podcast in 2019.

"[Can't imagine that that went over real well at your house or hers] No, it didn't. Not at all. And, you know, again it was Jerry Lawler in a desperate place, I think he was saying things to hurt people and stir sh*t. And he accomplished that. But when that affects me personally at home, and obviously, not true. You know, the innuendo was that I had an affair with Stephanie. Not true. Never in any way, shape, or form. She was my boss, and it's just unnecessary, mean-spirited, and bad judgment on his part. Again, now, to me, you're f**king with people's family. You know, Hunter and Stephanie were together at the time and I'm married with kids," he said. [1:16 - 2:29]

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Stephanie McMahon has been married to WWE CCO since 2003

While working together on a storyline, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H fell in love with each other. The two started dating in 2000. Three years later, they tied the knot. The couple, who now have three daughters, will celebrate their 20th anniversary next October.

Triple H is currently the company's Chief Content Officer. Meanwhile, his wife recently resigned from her position as Chairwoman and Co-CEO upon Vince McMahon's return to the company as Executive Chairman.

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