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Which WrestleMania 33 match will steal the show?

715   //    30 Mar 2017, 20:17 IST
Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho could stand out in the crowd

Contrary to what the card was like a few weeks ago, WrestleMania 33‘s card is now filled with high calibre matches. As is the situation with every WrestleMania, one is left to wonder which match will be the best one, and there are quite a few contenders this year.

This article will not consider the build-up to any of the matches on the card, only the likely quality of the matches considering the participants in it.

Let’s begin with the Cruiserweight Championship match, which is the one most likely to have the best wrestling. Neville and Austin Aries are not just known for their time in WWE, they’ve travelled the world and shown numerous promotions their talents, and those talents are certainly not average.

An advantage of having an entire division consisting of only one particular type of wrestlers is that styles will always gel in matches, and that should be no different at WrestleMania. Perhaps one of the reasons it’s been moved to the pre-show is so that it doesn’t overshadow the rest of the card.

It most certainly will be the highlight of the pre-show (although there isn’t much competition) and could be the best match of the night very early on, something that a fan of technical and high-flying wrestling would be very pleased with. We could have a match of the year contender on our hands, and that isn’t even an exaggeration.

Moving onto the main WrestleMania card, it can be fair to say that The Miz and Maryse vs John Cena and Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose have no chance at all of being the highlights of the night.

One undercard match that does, though, is the Tag Team Championship Triple Threat match, which has been confirmed this week to be a ladder match.

Ladder matches usually tend to be great, and have stood out in the past two WrestleManias. The Ladder match this year will definitely be fast paced and have a number of big spots, and it’ll be an exciting contest that most people are underestimating.

On the same note, the Raw Women’s Championship match could also be one to look out for, as the four women involved are exceptionally talented. What was also announced this week is that it will be an elimination match, adding more stakes to the fatal-four-way.

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The women have been known to steal NXT shows before, and they might just steal this year’s WrestleMania if they are given a just amount of time for their match.

Two more matches that can be chalked off are Triple H vs Seth Rollins and Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles. Both are likely to be great matches, but they probably will not be the best of the night.

The Raw match could be bogged down if Triple H focuses on Rollins’ knee too much, and the SmackDown match will be entertaining but the overall quality is questionable considering Shane McMahon’s in-ring ability.

It is worth drawing attention to the SmackDown WWE Championship match, between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, which is probably going to tear the roof off the place, not just in terms of wrestling, but probably with the involvement of some cryptic elements as well.

It’s difficult to estimate how this match will go down, but given that one participant ‘hears voices in his head’ and the other basically considers himself a God, both gimmicks should give us a spectacle to behold.

Further, most fans do not expect The Undertaker and Roman Reigns to put on a good match. If anything, expectations are for it to be similar to The Undertaker’s one loss at WrestleMania XXX. However, it cannot be considered absolute because both men aren’t afraid to take a hit.

There could be some big spots in this match (expect both men to dive out of the ring at some point, perhaps) and we might even see an announcer table (probably the Spanish) collapse. Reigns is often criticised for not having the most versatile move set, but he is able to put on some great matches.

Moving on, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens will meet at the culmination of months of build-up, and their match will probably be one that will not disappoint.

Jericho has always been a proven wrestler, and Owens has probably been even more so in his career. The mix of technical and high-flying wrestling abilities of both men should complement each other well.

The match that is by far the dark horse at this WrestleMania is the WWE Universal Championship match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. In fact, calling it a dark horse is a compliment. Odds are, this match will fall flat on its face, and that claim is quite substantial considering these two men’s track record.

Their first WrestleMania meeting thirteen years ago was an utter disappointment, and their one-minute match this past November left many fans dissatisfied. It’s a wonder WWE actually decided to book this match again, much less for Raw‘s most prestigious Championship.

However, it could actually surprise all of us. Lesnar has grown tremendously as a performer since WrestleMania XX and had the match at Survivor Series gone on for a while, it could have been something great.

Typically, two big guys going head to head isn’t a formula for a good match, but if they are allowed to throw all caution to the wind, it could be a brutal sight to behold. So long as this match isn’t five minutes and isn’t restricted to both men using three moves each, it has the potential to be something nobody was expecting to see.

Having said all that, however, the match most likely to be the best one is the one in the picture. This is really saying something considering the number of matches mentioned in this article, but it is not unjustified.

Austin Aries vs Neville may be more of a wrestling masterpiece, but this match will probably get more time.

Furthermore, there is a lot going into this match. A story has been told about two people who were the best of friends and are now bitter enemies, and this will probably be seen in their match and be something that gives it a lot more weight than most matches on the card.

This is with an understanding that both men are technically sound and will give it their all in this match. Expect a fluid contest, filled with characteristic spots and passionate moments. This has been building for a very long time, and seeing both men finally come to blows will be exquisitely satisfying.

Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho for the United States Championship will be one to remember.

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