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Which WWE Superstar will kill the legend of Brock Lesnar?

Who will end the dominance of The Beast?
Modified 24 Jun 2017
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The current epoch in the chapter of the WWE has been termed as the New Era, and rightfully so. The old guard is crumbling only to see the new blood rise and take over the reigns of carrying the mantle forward. But while the gifted crop of the roster is slugging it day in and day out to leave their mark on the annals of pro wrestling history, baptized as the New Era, we can’t deny the fact that WWE has been and will be, for the foreseeable future, in the Brock Lesnar Era.

At this moment, the WWE roster is split into three halves – the up-and-comers, the veterans, and a certain Beast in the form of Brock Lesnar. From the day Brock Lesnar clobbered the life out of Big Show in a match that can best be described as a how-to video on using a chair in a bout, the Beast has been nothing short of unstoppable. 

From breaking the mythical streak of The Undertaker – that drew comparisons to the shock of the infamous Montreal Screwjob, to making a joke out of John Cena’s storied knack of coming out on top in every match by dominating him at SummerSlam 2014, thus becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Brock Lesnar has been reserved the special booking, and also a biased treatment if his recent exemption from WWE’s wellness policy is taken into account.

Every victim that steps into the ring with Lesnar inevitably goes on an all expenses paid trip to suplex city with no resistance whatsoever. Roman Reigns came close to breaking the aura of Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 all thanks to his superhuman booking, only to see Seth Rollins pull off the ‘hiest of the century’ in the dying stages. That has been the only instance where the Beast looked vulnerable apart from his defeat (courtesy of a low blow) at the hands of The Undertaker at SummerSlam 2015.

Ever since then, he has continued to be the most feared man on the roster with the recent TKO victory over Randy Oton underlying that very fact. Brock Lesnar brings the element of realism to the WWE as he may be the only legit thing in the kayfabe world of sports entertainment today.

Who will thus, break the infrangible semblance of the Beast Incarnate? There are a host of names, who if pitted against Lesnar, would make for a memorable and wholesome feud for the fans mark out on. The superstars listed in this slideshow going over Lesnar could be a fitting way of ending Lesnar’s dominance in the WWE.

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Published 14 Sep 2016, 13:53 IST
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