Who inspired Rhea Ripley's dark-haired look and signature style? Know all about Mami's fashion choice

Rhea Ripley has come a long way since her WWE debut in 2018
Rhea Ripley has come a long way since her WWE debut in 2018

Rhea Ripley is one of the most sought-after stars on the WWE roster today. Despite being a heel, she is considered to be a fan favorite. Her alliance with The Judgment Day adds more dynamics to her character.

The Eradicator first appeared on WWE as a competitor in the Mae Young Classic Tournament in 2018. That time, she had long blonde hair, donning red and black wrestling gear, and fewer tattoos. Shortly afterward, Ripley was moved to NXT UK, where she soon pursued the Women's Championship on the brand. During this run, she also took on a more edgy persona similar to her current one.

A year later, she returned to the NXT and kickstarted a feud with Shayna Baszler and, within two years, became a synonymous name with the brand. Rhea Ripley won her first main roster championship at WrestleMania 37 and has not looked back since. Last year, the Australian star pledged her allegiance to Edge and Damian Priest, becoming founding members of The Judgment Day.

Since then, she ditched her short blonde hair for black and covered her face with dark makeup, including black lipstick, for a more hellish look. The addition of spikey jackets and chokers made her look all the more appealing and dissimilar to other stars. Thus enabling her to bring forward her punk-inspired persona.

Initially, her entrance theme was performed by Ash Costello of New Years Day! But that was later changed to Demon of Your Dreams by Chris Motionless from Motionless in White. The Women's Champion is no stranger to metal music and has often appreciated and shared heartfelt messages for the musician. Fans have often pointed out the resemblance in their looks, which the WWE star has teased to imitate from time to time.

The Eradicator recently went up against Raquel Rodriguez with her title on the line. She retained the title with some distraction from Dominik Mysterio. Additionally, her fellow Judgment Day teammates Damian Priest and Finn Balor also won gold at the premium live event.

Rhea Ripley has displayed all signs of being the leader of The Judgment Day

Damian Priest and Finn Balor's squabbles ended the peace in the faction. Almost every week, the two would quarrel with Rhea Ripley, playing moderator and attempting to come to some conclusion.

On the go-home edition of RAW before Payback, while Balor and Priest were arguing, an irate Ripley threatened them that there would be consequences if they did not work together. Additionally, she has Dominik Mysterio by her side, who has claimed many times that Rhea Ripley calls the shots in the group.


The group has one loose string to take care of - JD McDonagh. The 33-year-old has been a thorn in their side by actively trying to get the faction's attention in a bid to team up with the former champion.

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