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Why Alexa Bliss will surpass Trish Stratus in WWE

One way or another, Alexa Bliss is set to ascend to greatness.

Trish Stratus Alexa Bliss
Will Bliss be able to become the next Trish Stratus?

For many years, Trish Stratus was by far the most talented woman or "diva" in the WWE.

The only other person who even remotely came close was Lita, but regardless, it was hard to deny Trish's dominance over the company. Her quick rise up the ranks was a truly spectacular thing to see, and it says a lot that we still talk about her impact in the present day.

Speaking of the present day, there's one superstar in particular that is drawing great comparisons to Trish - and that's Alexa Bliss.

The two had similar rises to prominence and now, as we find ourselves in an era where the internet is always talking, it's time to look at why Alexa is so hotly tipped to overcome Stratus once her days in WWE are finished.

In terms of their beginnings, neither woman had professional wrestling on their minds when considering their career paths.

Whilst Stratus was always a fan of the industry, fitness modelling and bodybuilding were the chosen routes for the two when trying to find their way at a young age. However, it quickly became obvious that the blonde bombshells were destined for greatness in the ring instead.

Much like Stratus, it initially took Bliss a while to adapt to life in the WWE. After initially being utilised for her smiley and quirky personality, she began to find the character within herself and since that moment she's never looked back.

Now if you compare the in-ring abilities between the two, Trish is currently leading the way above Alexa.

However, Little Miss Bliss is still in the infancy stages of her WWE career, especially on the main roster. These kinds of skills don't just come to you overnight, and Bliss' flexibility in addition to her work ethic is sure to make up for her height and perceived lack of strength.

Ironically, she's actually three inches shorter than Trish too which could actually prove to be an advantage.

Trish Stratus
Nobody can deny Trish’s impact on the business

But there's no getting away from the fact - that both women have had big fanbases among males due to their looks.

Now, whilst that may be considered childish and naive, the WWE Universe had been conditioned to think this way ever since the Attitude Era. However, regardless of this, Bliss and Stratus have proven that it's not their appearance that matters - it's what they do in the ring and on the mic that does.

That being said, a big part of Bliss' character that will likely see her surpass Stratus are her facial expressions. As silly as it may seem, that kind of development is rarely seen within the modern day WWE and Bliss is a master at working the crowd based on how she expresses herself.

She is the perfect bitchy heel and given how well she has adapted to the main roster style is such a short space of time, it seems like a case of when and not if she becomes an all-time great.

It's no coincidence that Bliss has named Stratus as one of her main influences in terms of the business. The character traits they both share shine through whenever Bliss is on screen, and the past tweets they have sent back and forth between each other highlight great potential for a future feud.

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It seems odd to compare two people who are so similar yet came from two different eras of the business, but it's only fitting in this instance. Given what the WWE has in terms of the Performance Center, the only way is up for Bliss meanwhile back in Trish's day they didn't really have anything that revolutionary.

Stratus' actual wrestling ability paled in comparison to her charisma and natural ability, which makes it interesting to consider what Bliss needs to do in order to be called the victor in this imaginary rivalry.

Overexposure can certainly be an issue in today's WWE climate, but when we look back in ten years time it probably won't be thought about when wrestling historians decide upon the greatest divas of all time.

After all, women's wrestling appears to be bigger than ever and a future babyface run could really solidify Bliss as far as her legacy goes. Her NXT run has proven that she can pull it off, too.

Alexa Bliss
Alexa Bliss is on the verge of greatness

But what about the actual title reigns? It's odd considering that there are two women's titles floating around these days, but for the time being Bliss' focus will be on SmackDown Live where she is ironically the current Women's Champion.

Given that she's only 25 and Trish's total stands at seven, it's entirely logical to consider that Bliss will surpass the record that has been in place for over a decade.

So at the end of the day, we should just consider ourselves lucky that we were blessed with being able to see these two wonderful women in action during the prime of their lives.

But if we crunch the numbers and actually think about this in a critical sense, the Harley Quinn of WWE should prepare to take the crown from Miss Stratusfaction as the queen of the castle.

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