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Why Enzo Amore as Cruiserweight Champion is perfect for 205 Live

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The Certified G and The Bonafide Stud
Modified 28 Sep 2017

Enzo Amore defeated Neville at No Mercy to win the Cruiserweight Championship, his first ever title in the WWE. Immediately after the win, the booking decision was questioned by many sections of the Internet Wrestling Community. Many believe that giving the championship to Enzo Amore is a disgrace considering his limited in-ring ability.

The "Smacktalker Skywalker" has been a fiery personality in WWE for the past few years and his promos have tore the house every time he gets on the mic. Since his breakup with Big Cass, he struggled to find his feet on the main roster. His transition to the Cruiserweight Division and the whole division disliking him from the start was a good booking decision by WWE.

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The Cruiserweight Division is filled with Superstars who are technically sound and completely capable of giving quality matches nine out of ten times. Most of these Superstars were part of the highly successful Cruiserweight Classic which showcased the talents of these wrestlers.

Adding Enzo to a group with such talented wrestlers seemed like a bad idea to many and was criticised heavily. He took his opportunity in the Division by pinning Cedric Alexander to become the No. 1 contender, another controversial decision. His rise to the top was not only disliked by fans but by his fellow cruiserweights as well.

Enzo Amore, however, has made people actually care about the Cruiserweight Division now. Ever since its inception, this division was full of exceptional wrestlers with no personality. Neville brought some much-needed personality to the division and now with Amore and his crazy promos and undeniable crowd control have made the fans actually care about the division.

The "Realest Guy in the Room" is a master of selling and taking massive bumps, and his recent destruction at the hands of Braun Strowman was a prime example of that. He has not yet given the WWE Universe memorable matches in the Cruiserweight Divison, but has time and again found a cheap way to win the match, staying true to this persona.


Enzo Amore can also help bridge the gap between the Cruiserweights and the other Superstars on Raw. His segment with The Miz recently was an exceptional performance from both guys which may persuade the WWE to try out more such segments in the future. This can be of massive help to Superstars such as Cedric Alexander and Neville, who are very capable of giving quality matches with the superstars outside the 205 Division.

Amore along with the entire Cruiserweight Division, featured in the main event of RAW, which has never happened before. His segment with Neville featured one of the finest double turns and some interesting character development. Enzo's brutal destruction by the 205 roster became a huge talking point and the video quickly became a hit on YouTube.


Enzo may never end up being a fine technical wrestler, but it has been proven from time to time that wrestlers with solid promo skills, wrestlers who know how to work a crowd and get them invested in a match are the ones who are destined to have successful careers in the business. Enzo has done that regularly and thus his championship win should not come as a surprise to many.

He may not be the finest wrestler but he is a brilliant "sports entertainer". There is no better way to get casual fans of the product invested than having a solid personality at the top. With Enzo as the face of 205 Live, WWE can be assured of getting higher viewership, fans can be assured of getting some quality content. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Published 28 Sep 2017, 21:18 IST
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