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Why #GiveDivasAChance is the best thing going on this week

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Monday night Raw sure has many in-built trends that the announcers get going during matches or segments. One moment that might particularly stood out was how pleasantly surprised Cole and Co. were when #GiveTruthAChance started trending worldwide. R-Truth’s expressions following that were priceless.

But WWE may not have seen something similar happen later on in the night. Paige made her entrance for a tag match against The Bellas with Emma as her partner. Just after she was getting set, WWE decided to air a 4 minute video package for Sting. It was a well put together video which was essential in making the casual fans realize who Sting is and what he stands for.

What kickstared it

But it was placed during Paige’s entrance music. So Paige was waiting in the ring for more than four minutes to get her match started. And the match wasn’t even half as long as the video package. Actually, if it was half as long as the video package, it would have been another normal day in the office for the divas. But the match was just a few seconds long. It was mostly a blink and miss. But fans on social media made sure that it wasn’t a ‘miss’.

They started this hashtag which was trending beyond the event. It was called #GiveDivasAChance

This was as surprising as the trend for R-Truth. But it was not really notified by the announcers. And why would it be? It’s not within their fictional narrative and the women in the WWE don’t even have a cumulative time of more than a few minutes. Those minutes are always in single digits.

The Turning Point

But then something even more awesome happened and it reiterated the fact why AJ Lee is the most over female performer in the company.

As the Academy Awards were airing simultaneously as Raw was, there was a rousing moment during Patricia Arquette’s speech after winning the Best Supporting Actor (female) Oscar for her role in Boyhood. She spoke out how women from her country are campaigning everywhere else about equal rights but no woman has equal rights in the United States of America. There is no wage equality and she gave a major shout out for that movement to begin and be inculcated by the powers that be in the country. That created quite a buzz on Twitter and Stephanie McMahon was one of the many famous personalities who thanked Arquette for speaking up. She tweeted


But many wrestling fans should be and are doing the same thing for AJ Lee - thanking her for what followed

AJ Lee tweeted that despite having record selling merchandise and high rated segment on television, the women are neither given enough money or screen time.

That was probably the biggest moment of the entire week. AJ Lee in a little more than 140 characters gave Stephanie McMahon and maybe many other powers in the WWE a virtual slap. And it was so well-deserved.

It created a stir and Stephanie McMahon responded

And so did Vince McMahon to the fans.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H retweeted the same.

Will we see a change of things finally? We just might and for that we have to keep watching and waiting for the woman of the moment- AJ Lee- to return and grace the ring and our television screens with her presence.

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