Why is Edge called the Rated-R Superstar?

Live sex is definitely a big contributing factor

We were all heartbroken when Edge, aka Adam Copeland, announced his retirement in 2011. Five years later, we still miss the man whose career succumbed to major injuries sustained in the ring.

Today, as he turns 43, let’s look back at his legendary career and find out why he will forever be remembered as the Rated-R Superstar!

The R-Rating, in movie parlance, stands for being ‘restricted’. In other words, something that is so raunchy or violent that it is inappropriate for some audiences. With his TLC matches, a real-life love triangle with Lita/Matt Hardy, and live sex celebration with Lita, Edge did push the definition of edginess in wrestling.

From the start, Edge and his tag team partner, Christian, were seen as a daring, high-flying duo with a difference. As a part of The Brood, they were portrayed as vampires, subservient to Gangrel and also to The Undertaker, under the Ministry of Darkness stable.

At the peak of the Attitude Era, Edge was in a heel faction that spelt fear and horror, along with a pretty cool entrance theme too. Definitely not PG.


What really put Edge on the map, though, were his timeless matches against The (then unbroken) Hardys and the Dudleys.

Some of the spots that he pulled off had not been seen until then and would revolutionise wrestling as we knew it to be. Even today, considering how far wrestling has come, we are still entranced by the sight of some of the moves in those matches. They were totally Rated-R.


What really brought about the Rated R persona is how Edge wanted to celebrate his first title victory. After winning the title, he had a live sex celebration on TV. Ummm, we cannot link you to the video, because we are a family oriented site, but we’re sure that typing in a few keywords on Google will do the trick just fine.

And that’s not all. Even outside the squared circle, Edge was involved in the most controversial angle of the 2000s until the Chris Benoit tragedy happened. Lita cheated on her boyfriend, unbroken Matt Hardy, with his best friend- Edge. And the rest is infamous R-Rated history.

As you can see, the R-Rated moniker fits Edge, quite aptly. He may be gone from the ring right now, but his legacy will live on in our wrestling-crazy hearts.

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