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Why moving to Raw might be disastrous for The Miz's career

He came to play..

Feature 21 Apr 2017, 14:23 IST
Embrace their excellence, ladies and gentlemen

In case you hadn't noticed or been living under a rock - The Miz is one of best things about the WWE product in the present day. A few years back that kind of statement would've probably gotten you killed in some corners of the IWC, but the weird world of professional wrestling is such that we now stand here today in 2017 with a whole new level of respect for The Awesome One.

Why? Well, it's fair to say that the move to SmackDown Live has done wonders for the former WWE Champion's career. Ever since switching to the blue brand, Miz has been doing some outstanding work alongside his wife Maryse, and a lot of that can be put down to his phenomenal run as the Intercontinental Champion last year.

Not since late 2010/early 2011 had people been as invested in Miz as they were during this time period, and it's a true testament to his dedication towards being a better performer. Many of his peers have remarked on how he's probably the hardest worker in the company aside from John Cena, and when you think about it, that's one of the highest compliments you could receive as a Superstar in the present day.

So with great programs with the likes of Ziggler, Ambrose and Cena under his belt - why oh why did the WWE decided to send him back over to team red? It's a move that has baffled a large portion of the WWE Universe and in all honesty, we also fall into that category as we have no idea what their line of thinking is here.

First off, they seem to be inserting him directly back into a feud with Dean Ambrose, which already makes us want to put up a big "STOP" sign in front of it. It's almost as if Vince heard about it succeeding over on the sister show and decided to replicate it on Raw, failing to discover that it's old news now and that there are plenty of other talents for both men to work with.

What is there to gain here?

If it's all part of a plan to put the IC Title back on Miz, then it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but that leaks directly into our next issue - the world title potential that Miz has. You see, after dropping the secondary strap to Dean a few months back, many fans were hopeful that Miz would be launched back into the main event picture after a few years away.

Unfortunately, that only really works on the blue brand as Raw's Universal Championship is currently being held captive by some form of Beast on a farm in Canada. Sure it means that the Intercontinental belt may be elevated to a main event position but let's be honest, the only reason that's happening is to gloss over the fact that Brock isn't around right now.

Plus when it does come time for Brock to defend the title, do you really think Miz is going to be first in line for that prize? No, is the answer. In fact, he's going to be quite far down the list when you think about it, with the likes of Rollins, Joe, Reigns, Strowman, Balor and probably Ambrose ahead of him in the eyes of one Vince McMahon.

Obviously, he can be built up into that position but words can only take you so far, and Miz is nowhere near credible enough to be standing toe-to-toe with a multi-time champion like Lesnar.

Over on SmackDown, however, a potential story with current WWE Champion Randy Orton would work wonders as they can link it back to 2010 when Miz actually beat Randy to begin his first world title reign with the company.

Then you have the issue with the formatting of both shows, with Raw being an hour longer than SmackDown Live. We know what you're thinking - surely Raw being longer is a good thing for Miz, right? Wrong. The extra 60 minutes mean that there's even less of a spotlight on Miz and there's an even higher risk of him getting lost in the shuffle.

Talking Smack was huge for The Miz

Which brings us onto perhaps the most vital point of all - there's no Talking Smack. That show was the platform that Miz used to launch himself into the next stratosphere of stardom, courtesy of his promos with Daniel Bryan.

It proved to the world that he was a top tier guy and every so often he'd re-appear alongside Renee & Daniel in order to maintain that image.

Meanwhile, the alternative of Raw Talk only airs after every exclusive pay per view, and there's no guarantee that he'll even be on the show. Like, what? None of this makes any sense and Miz has been done an incredible dis-service by the company here.

It's almost like Vince sees Raw as a promotion over SmackDown Live, only for him to probably drop the ball now that he's got The Awesome One all to himself.

Poor form, WWE - poor form.

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