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Why So Many NXT Arrivals at once is not a great thing

2.95K   //    19 May 2014, 12:40 IST

If you have been watching or reading about WWE regularly then you might have a faint idea that Bo Dallas is going to make his WWE debut soon. Actually, he made his main roster debut quite a while back but this time he’ll try to make people Bo-lieve in him. You see, it’s his heel character that works really well for him.

But I am not sure how much of a chance his Justin Bieber ‘Belieber’ kind of approach will have in being taken seriously as a heel.  Well, he was great on NXT and there is a good chance that over time he might just be one of the few best heels in the company. Time- that’s the important word. But the WWE seems to be giving no time for its young generation of superstars to have a space of their own.

Arguably the management thinks more about the business than the art of wrestling. If people could just have fun instead of focusing on what the sponsors would like, things will be so much better for the wrestlers and the hardcore wrestling fans. Let’s take any sport.  I think watching a match at a stadium is a much more exhilarating experience than watching at home.

The crowd in the arena provides and adds on ample action to the game and makes the experience worthwhile for the audience at home. The difference between WWE and all the sports in the world is the approach to a match. Essentially the results for a sport are not uncertain and the matches are unrehearsed. Getting to the point, the WWE seems to excel in the art of pointless storylines. They usually don’t stick to one line of thought. They don’t seem to treat everyone equally.

Why does a superstar like Ryback get pushes so many times but guys like Fandango are abandoned to comic relief skits after grand debuts. Paige gets to win the Divas Championship and I am glad that WWE believes in her so much but someone like Emma who was Paige’s equal at NXT get shoved to comic relief segments with Santino?

Every needs time and space i.e, a setting to get used to the grand WWE stage. Come to think of it, there are so many cameras. The wrestlers and the production unit need to make this rehearsed show for an unpredictable audience in the arena and the ones living this experience at home. It’s quite a shift for these wrestlers who might have wrestled in for lesser known companies in front of a fragment of the WWE crowd.

Even NXT is a fragment of what the main roster arenas look like. Their gimmick should be given some time to click. Somebody like Wyatt did not click instantly but the WWE believed in him but Fandango wasn’t given that much great material to work with after the Fandangoing phenomenon.

There is loads of talent in NXT. Sami Zayn might be the next most awaited superstar. Just like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were over 2 years ago. The WWE managed to do well in that aspect and made them work as tag team partners and now there is no one as consistently good and uncontrolled as the Shield.

Paige, Emma, Rusev, Adam Rose and Bo Dallas are some of the arrivals this year so far. Rusev seems to be clicking on and off, though he looks like he’ll be pushed for some time, though Lana is a great presence as a manager. Paige has been a phenomenon. Emma has been carelessly handled. Adam Rose plays his character with the utmost dedication and hope his dedication pays off.

So many NXT arrivals will demand so many new storylines or nuances for their character. I think all the characters should come up with those nuances and help the creative team help their gimmick grow in front of the audience. The Creative does its own whims and fancies.

That’s why so many NXT Arrivals at once might not be a great thing.

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