5 things that made WWE Royal Rumble 2020 memorable

2020 Royal Rumble was the 33rd annual event of WWE
2020 Royal Rumble was the 33rd annual event of WWE

With Royal Rumble on 30th January 2022, fans have started speculating who will win the legendary battle royal. The Royal Rumble Match has been a highlight of the calendar year for WWE fans since 1988. To date, there have been 34 Royal Rumbles in WWE history. This PPV is remarkable as there are many superstars that are together at once.

The event, headlined by the battle royal has become one of the company's biggest shows of the year. The winner of the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match gets an opportunity for a shot at the world title at WrestleMania's main event.

WWE Royal Rumble 2020 was the 33rd time the company held the event. Here are some reasons why the Royal Rumble Match of 2020 was the best of this decade. The Royal Rumble 2020 pay-per-view was stacked with many superstars like Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns Edge, Becky Lynch and many more.

The winner of the 2020 Men's #RoyalRumble Match will be _________. #RAW

#5. WWE Homecoming of Edge after 9 years

The 11-time world champion, Edge, retired in 2011 due to what was thought to be a career-ending injury. For years, fans wondered whether the WWE Hall of Famer would ever return to the ring, but The Rated-R Superstar denied these rumors.

He eventually returned to the promotion at Royal Rumble in 2020 after nine years. It was the biggest and most surprising return for fans in years and it was one of the highlights of the night. He teased reuniting with Randy Orton and Speared AJ Styles so badly he hurt Styles' shoulder.

#4. WWE had diverse stipulations on the card

The card for WWE Royal Rumble 2020 featured some distinct stipulation matches. Roman Reigns faced Baron Corbin in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, and The Big Dog won the bout after they brawled throughout the arena. Roman Reigns scored a victory against Corbin after delivering a spear on top of one of the Minute Maid Park dugouts in Houston.

Later in the show, Daniel Bryan battled The Fiend in a Strap Match for the Universal Championship. In the end, Bray Wyatt emerged victorious, so he retained the title.

#3. The final moments of the Men's Royal Rumble match

The final moments of the 30-Man Royal Rumble match were intense. Edge and Orton, who once teamed up as Rated-RKO, joined forces against Reigns and McIntyre.

But later, Edge betrays Orton and eliminates him only to be eliminated by Reigns. McIntyre betrayed and eliminated Reigns with a claymore kick and won the match. This closing sequence will go down in WWE history, as it delivered a heart-pounding finish to an incredible match.

#2. The Royal Rumble was The Beast Incarnate's show

31 Days of Brock Lesnar being a BEAST!Day 19:Brock eliminates 13 consecutive men at the Royal Rumble 2020 in a BEAST of a performance

Brock Lesnar was the reigning WWE Champion heading into the show, but he decided to enter the Men's Royal Rumble Match as the first entrance. In doing so, he hoped to showcase his dominance.

In the match, he eliminated 13 Superstars to stay in the match for 26 minutes 23 seconds. Brock Lesnar's confrontation with Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Big E was exceptional as the three attempted to team up on the Beat incarnate only for him to eliminate them in quick succession. Lesnar was eliminated by a combined attack on him by Richochet and Drew MacIntyre.


#1. Drew McIntyre became a genuine WWE star

The outpour of support since last night has been overwhelming. Fans, peers, family, friends, thank you!!! I promise to get back to everyone when I can....if this is a dream, do me a favor and don’t wake me up #ImGoingToWrestleMania

The Royal Rumble is used as an opportunity to build new stars and 2020 was no different. Heading into the pay-per-view, WWE pushed McIntyre, and he defeated major Superstars like AJ Styles and Randy Orton. In the Royal Rumble match, he booted the reigning WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar out of the match, and he also eliminated five other Superstars. In the end, The Scottish Warrior scored the triumphant victory and punched his ticket to WrestleMania. With this impressive performance, he cemented his status as a genuine star in WWE.

Later, Drew McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 in the main event and won the WWE Championship. Therefore, fans saw the rise of new stars which made this pay-per-view significant and memorable.

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