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Will Dolph Ziggler ever get a meaningful feud in WWE?

Mukund Laddha
3.80K   //    13 May 2014, 22:20 IST
Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is as charismatic a superstar as anyone in the main roster of WWE today. Ziggler is easily one of the most talented superstar in the ring currently.

Ziggler is a former Intercontinental Champion, former US Champion and a multiple time former World Heavyweight Champion. Last Year, the show off won the World Heavyweight Championship on the unforgettable night after WrestleMania, but a concussion soon derailed all of his momentum. Instead of building on his triumph, he was forced to sit on the bench and recover.

He is in a rare list of stars that can make any other superstar look good. He has even made Batista look pretty good in the ring which is great, given how the animal has looked a little out of touch since his return. In the current roster, dare I say, he sells the moves better than anyone else.

Ziggler actually deserves a legitimate reign as a World Champion.

Ziggler has seen many ups and downs since this gimmick of his debuted. In the last few years, the company has had him win the world title, battle CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble 2012 and got him in an entertaining feud with John Cena. On the flip side he now has more than a hundred losses on free television. His recent beatings from the likes of Sandow and Del Rio were just another in a long enough string of losses. He does not appear as a potential threat in the ring anymore.

In the past year, after losing the World Heavyweight title to Alberto Del Rio back last year, Ziggler has continually suffered losses and lacked any story whatsoever to keep the focus on him. He is without any major direction and is mostly on the fringes of major storylines.

He has only emerged as a popular star, escorting major Hollywood stars in the ring. It has been a while since he last wrestled in the ring and the crowd, although being firmly behind him, remain skeptic about his potential.

Ziggler deserves better. Not only is he a great wrestler but he is also a great performer. Maybe it is his microphone skills maybe his swagger, but I believe that he is a person who draws strong reactions as a face or as a heel. He is always able to tell a story through his matches. He has attitude, the ability to make promos and the in ring skills to back all of those traits up.

As Jim Ross puts it “Ziggler is special. A little of Mr. Perfect, hint of Billy Gunn, & a pinch of Shawn Michaels. But mostly he’s himself. ” His wrestling ability is the reason for comparisons to Mr. Perfect, and the attitude and sportsmanship he’s shown throughout his career is why his name is placed next to Shawn Michaels’ so often. He wears his opinions on his sleeve.

His ability to be unique, to be himself has caused fans to gravitate to him. And of course he’s really good in the ring. Selling his opponents’ offense so well is another one of the skills that has earned him a fan base. But it also does convince the WWE creative team to use this skill for making his foes look better.

He also has a great entrance that adds to his persona and character. His theme music is one of the best in the WWE today.And Ziggler is in great physical shape, and we all know that the creative team loves superstars that are big or have great looks.

But the question really is: Is Ziggler just a favorite of the kind of die-hard fans who travel the world to see WrestleMania or can he appeal to casual fans as well?

When the crowd got extremely vocal, in the positive sense, as Ziggler (even though a heel) cashed in his Money in the Bank contract one night after WrestleMania 29, he certainly felt like a star then.

It might as well depend on the way Dolph is booked in the upcoming months , maybe after re-discovering his gimmick. Whether he is booked in meaningless ways which only enhances his losses column. Or whether WWE finally sees the great potential of Dolph Ziggler and pushes him onto meaningful feuds and finally to some main event action.

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