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Will John Cena ever win his 17th world championship?

Shiraz Aslam
3.45K   //    27 Jun 2019, 08:43 IST

John Cena hasn't been seen in the WWE since WrestleMania
John Cena hasn't been seen in the WWE since WrestleMania

Today, John Cena is a name that is synonymous with WWE and Hollywood. Cena is one of the all-time greats in WWE, he was the face as well as the standard bearer of WWE for more almost a decade. However, Cena has transitioned into a part-time role and is looking to establish himself as a major Hollywood star, just like The Rock did.

Cena was last seen on WWE television when he attacked Elias verbally and physically as 'The Doctor of Thuganomics' at WrestleMania 35. He hasn't been a part of WWE storylines since early 2018. Cena's success in Hollywood and his reduced role in WWE can mean two things: Firstly, Cena's days as a WWE wrestler in WWE are numbered and secondly, Cena's part-time role prevents him from achieving much.

You all must be aware that Cena has tied Ric Flair's record for most world championships. Many expected Cena to break that record, but it's not a certainty anymore. Cena's seldom around, he hasn't appeared on Raw or SmackDown Live since January. Whenever Cena does appear, he only hangs around for a few weeks and then goes back to Hollywood. His busy schedule will never allow him to become a full-time star ever again, which gives rise to the question, will Cena win his seventeenth world championship?

Why he shouldn't win

Many fans were certain that Cena would win the WWE title in 2017 from Jinder Mahal, but he didn't. Some expected him to win this year's Royal Rumble and defeat then-champion Daniel Bryan to win the WWE title at WrestleMania. All of these were just mere speculations and Cena never came close to winning the title.

WWE's fans seem to be sick of part-time stars taking the spotlight away from the younger stars. Cena is a part-timer and fans don't want part-time world champions, so WWE might not want to upset its fan-base at a time when ratings are already so low.

Cena's busy schedule doesn't even allow him to attend pay-per-views. Cena wasn't available for the Royal Rumble this year, so WWE had to write Cena off the event even though he was initially advertised.

Why he should win

Although Cena is a part-timer, Cena is still very high on WWE's priority list and WWE always has plans store for 'The Champ' whenever he is available. Cena has dedicated more than 15 years to WWE and has been a loyal employee. Vince McMahon will not let the apple of his eye go without a big moment, which makes me think that Cena might win his seventeenth world championship no matter how occupied he is with Hollywood.

Even though fans condemn it, WWE seems to have no problem with part-time world champions. Brock Lesnar held the Universal Championship for above 500 days as a part-timer and WWE only felt the need to take it off of him till the time fan opposition to Lesnar reached its peak. Even after Lesnar lost the title, he won it back a couple of months later. If Lesnar can become world champion as a part-timer, why can't a bona fide star like Cena achieve the same?

In the end, it really is up to WWE. Fans can just keep guessing. Even if he doesn't win the world championship again, Cena will always be one of the best and fans will always have respect for 'The Champ'.