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Will WWE sacrifice Bray Wyatt's build or Daniel Bryan's momentum? 

Published Jan 09, 2020
Jan 09, 2020 IST

Bray Wyatt's Fiend persona is arguably the best thing in WWE right now, and one of their best decisions has been to bank on it.

While the gimmick has been extremely over with the WWE Universe, the fact that he holds the Universal Championship in a manner resembling a hostage of sorts, is testimony to the amount of faith the company has in him.

While Bray Wyatt, or more specifically, the Fiend persona has been able to create a real impact throughout WWE on both Raw as well as SmackDown, one of the most exciting aspects has been the revival of Daniel Bryan as the leader of the Yes Movement.

While the WWE Universe had a clear favourite in Bray Wyatt in his matches against Seth Rollins, Finn Balor or The Miz for that matter, what is interesting in Daniel Bryan's case is the fact that fans are somewhat divided in their love for the Fiend and the leader of the Yes Movement. WWE has to pull the strings closely in order to bank on both these developments as none of them should be put to an end abruptly.

Daniel Bryan as the leader of the Yes Movement and Bray Wyatt in his fiend persona have generated significant momentum
Daniel Bryan as the leader of the Yes Movement and Bray Wyatt in his fiend persona have generated significant momentum


Bray Wyatt began a feud against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship during his tenure on Raw. However, after being drafted to SmackDown, he continued the feud and brought the Universal Championship to the blue brand and began a rivalry with Daniel Bryan. While he defeated Bryan in their match at Survivor Series and attacked him thereafter, on the next episode of SmackDown. However, Daniel Bryan would make his return soon and revived the Yes Movement in the process. While both are scheduled to face off at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, it is yet to be seen who WWE deems worthy to be put over.

What is interesting here is the fact that though Bray Wyatt is a heel, fans love him and, to be honest, his gimmick has been great. Being the talented performer he is, it would be a shame to see his reign end so quickly. It would be a great loss for the WWE Universe if Bray Wyatt is given the same treatment that he was in his last run. On the other hand, it wouldn't be too great, either, if the revived Yes Movement is brought to an end so soon. In both cases, it would mean the end to some of the best build-up we've seen in WWE in quite a while.


Although either of these two outcomes would be undesirable, there are ways in which the WWE can hold on to the credibility of both the superstars. While it is far from ideal that Bray Wyatt loses the title, there are ways Daniel Bryan's momentum might be kept intact. Bray Wyatt has always portrayed the character of a dark messiah, and it is not impossible that he creates a stable again. There could be superstars who have 'let him in'. Case in point; The Miz. The Miz is most probably on the path of becoming a heel again, and it seems plausible that he becomes one of the believers, given how it has been said that the Fiend 'affects' anyone that comes in contact with him. Forming a stable could also lead to the possible returns of superstars who could help him in that mission.

Daniel Bryan may not be the champion yet, but it is important that his momentum is maintained, along with his place in this most intriguing storyline.

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