WrestleMania 35: 5 Reasons Why Kofi Kingston will win the WWE Championship at the Show of Shows

It's Kofi Time!
Karan Bedi

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Ever since WWE Elimination Chamber 2019, there's only one thing that's trending in the WWE Universe other than Becky Lynch and that is the one and only Kofi Kingston. And that's the growing trend that the WWE creative team has taken notice of.

Kofi Kingston has a long and storied career. He has had tremendous success in both the singles and tag-team division. Perhaps his greatest success has come as a member of The New Day. The charm of the group was something akin to a living, weird and out-of-this-world cartoon come to life.

The New Day loves to entertain the crowd with their pancakes, songs, and dances. It's hard to believe that Kofi's career has had multiple reigns as Tag Team Champion on WWE Raw and SmackDown, WWE Intercontinental Champion as well as holding the WWE United States Championship.

Add another championship to that list and he could become part of an elite list of WWE Grand Slam champions which include the likes of Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton.

If Shawn Michaels was fulfilling a boyhood dream when he won his first WWE title, perhaps it's time for Kofi Kingston to make the dreams of the WWE Universe come true. Here's are 5 Reasons why Kofi Kingston will win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35.

#5 Vince Keeping his word to the WWE Universe

Vince McMahon keeping his word
Vince McMahon keeping his word

It's not a secret to say that the WWE Universe has been responding poorly to the WWE product in recent times. While some will criticize Vince McMahon of being out of touch with the WWE fans, his core instincts are still very much intact. He may be in his seventies but still is the driving force and decision-maker of the WWE creative team.

In December, he pledged that the WWE will be making changes and start listening to the fans. While Kofi Kingston's place in the Elimination Chamber was due to Mustafa Ali's injury, the WWE Universe responded with enthusiasm. To quote a WWE legend by the name of Dusty Rhodes, "Get a dream, hold on to it and shoot for the sky." and Kofi more than just grabbed it. Mr. McMahon saw it and started laying the groundwork.

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