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5 WWE stars who should receive pushes after WrestleMania

Which stars deserve pushes after Mania?
Which stars deserve pushes after Mania?
Logan Turner
Modified 04 Apr 2021
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WrestleMania is just around the corner. The showcase of the immortals is a spectacle that features the best of the best in WWE. The company's biggest stars are set to collide, and many of them will come out of 'Mania just as big as when they went in.

It's fair to say that some stars are bigger deals than others - that's just the nature of the business. Some wrestlers are naturally over because of the fans' will, but most of the time, it's the company that props up the stars they want.

These superstars cap off their year at WrestleMania. All of the pushes that WWE sanctions pay off at the grand showcase. After that, we go back to regularly scheduled programming as the company sets up who they want to push for the following year.

This year we will see stars like Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, and Asuka all cap off impressive years. All superstars in WWE have put in an extraordinary amount of work during the pandemic. Couple this with the company's efforts to push them to the top, and you could have a star on your hands.

Although WrestleMania is still a few days away, that doesn't stop us from thinking about the future. Guys like Bobby Lashley and Apollo Crews have recently received pushes to elevate them into big-time 'Mania positions. So who will receive such pushes next year?

Here are five superstars WWE should push following WrestleMania.

#5 Shayna Baszler should ditch Nia Jax after WrestleMania

Shayna Baszler
Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler deserves a singles push after WrestleMania. It feels like the Queen of Spades has floundered around in the women's tag division long enough, and it's about time Baszler is recognized as the monster she could be.


It's easy to forget just how much hype Shayna had in NXT. She single-handedly rolled through the entire women's division in NXT, so fans of hers long for the days of her stomping out people's arms and being dominant.

Everything was looking up until Baszler lost clean to Becky Lynch at last year's Mania. What happened? Backstage reports came out around the time of her call-up that Vince McMahon unfortunately wasn't big on her in-ring work.

If booked like in NXT, Shayna could easily be a big name on RAW or SmackDown. It's time WWE hits the reset button after WrestleMania and turns her into the monster she should be.

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Published 04 Apr 2021, 03:40 IST
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