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WrestleMania 6: Birth of the Warrior

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Welcome everyone to the next edition of WrestleMania Rewind. I’ve taken up the tedious task of going through all the previous editions of WrestleManias, and look back at all the action and give my analysis. Today, we go through WrestleMania 6, the first WrestleMania to be held outside the United States in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – home of one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, Adam Copeland aka Edge. It is also interesting to note that both Edge and Christian were present in the attendance as fans! This event also saw a record attendance, with the numbers nearing a staggering 70,000 fans to see the mega event at the Skydome!

The main feud going into WrestleMania 6 was one of the biggest feuds of all time, and was also one of the most highly anticipated matches in WrestleMania history. Going into the mega event, the Ultimate Warrior was the IC Champion, who quickly established himself to be one of the biggest stars in the WWF, while Hogan was still the WWF Champion. After his match with Savage last year, Hogan won back the WWF title, and became the top face of the company once again. WrestleMania 6 was special for other reasons too, as the main event of WrestleMania would be a good guy versus good guy, instead of the usual good guy versus the bad guy. Also, it was the very first WrestleMania whose main event saw a Title versus Title match, as both the WWF Championship and the WWF Intercontinental title were on the line, and the person who’d win the match would win it all. Aptly, this WrestleMania was called ‘The Ultimate Challenge’.

Other bouts on the card saw Rick Rude taking on Jimmy ‘The Superfly’ Snuka, along with the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase taking on Jake the Snake. So, without further ago, let us quickly jump into one of the most hyped WrestleManias of all time, something that left the fans salivating, as the irresistible force met the immovable object.

Robert Goulet (Who?) opened the show by singing ‘O Canada’.

Under card:

Rick Martel defeated Koko B. Ware

Your basic first match of the evening. It ended up being a squash match, as Martel was in the middle of a push. Martel won when he put Koko in a Boston crab as Koko submitted.

Demolition (Ax and Smash) defeated The Colossal Connection (Andre the Giant and Haku with Bobby Heenan) for the WWF Tag team championship

The second match of the evening saw Ax and Smash taking on the monster team of Andre and Haku, with Heenan in their corner. The end came when Haku hit Andre by mistake, and Demolition took advantage of it and hit Haku with their finisher for the pin and to win the WWF Tag team championship. After the match, Andre turned face, by attacking Heenan and Haku.

Earthquake (With Jimmy Hart) defeated Hercules

Earthquake was the new big monster in the WWF who was undefeated heading into WrestleMania. He won the match after hitting Hercules with his splash. Another squash match.

An interview with Miss Elizabeth. Boy, you talk about all of today’s divas; Elizabeth was the epitome of a true lady. WWE needs someone like her badly.

Brutus Beefcake defeated Mr. Perfect (With The Genius)

The fourth match of the evening saw Beefcake taking on Mr. Perfect, with Lanny Poffo in his corner as The Genius. The end came when Perfect got over confident, and Beefcake took advantage of it, covering  Mr. Perfect for the win. After the match, Beefcake cut Genius’s hair.

Roddy Piper took on Bad News Brown which ended as a no contest

Piper’s first WrestleMania match since WrestleMania 3. The match was basically to set a stage for future matches. The matches ended in a double count out when both men brawled outside the ring.

The Hart Foundation defeated The Bolsheviks (Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov)

One of the quickest WrestleMania matches of all time, as The Hart Foundation defeated Bolsheviks within 19 seconds!

The Barbarian (With Bobby Heenan) defeated Tito Santana

This was to put Barbarian over. The match ended when Barbarian clotheslined Tito from the top rope. Nasty finish as Tito landed on the back of his neck.

Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire (With Miss Elizabeth) defeated Randy Savage and Sensational Queen Sherri

Savage had a new manager in Sherri after his loss to Hogan last year. It was the first mixed tag team match on the card. Dusty brought out Elizabeth as his secret weapon. The match ended when Elizabeth tumbled Sherri over Sapphire, who covered her for the pin and the win for her team!

The Orient Express (Sato and Tanaka with Mr. Fuji) defeated the Rockers (Shawn and Marty) by count out

Second WrestleMania match for that Shawn guy. Yeah, the same Shawn that became one of the biggest superstars of all t… oh you know? Okay. The match ended when Fuji throws his white dust in Marty’s face (No, not Cocaine. Although that’s a good Jannetty joke), as Marty stumbles on the outside as the ref counts him out.

Jim Duggan defeated Dino Bravo (With Jimmy Hart and Earthquake)

The match was basically designed to show how Earthquake can beat down anyone. Duggan defeated Bravo by hitting him with his 2 x 4, only to be attacked after the match by Earthquake who decimated him. Hoo? More like “Ooh”.

Mid card:

Ted Dibiase (With Virgil) defeated Jake the Snake by countout for the Million Dollar Championship

I’m personally a mark for the Million Dollar title. I think it should come back to the WWE someway or the other. Anyway, the match was very slow, considering Dibiase was in it. The match ended when Jake was counted out after Ted put him in his Million Dollar Dream on the floor. Post match, Jake avoided an attack by Virgil and Ted.

The Big Boss Man defeated Akeem (With Slick)

The Twin Towers disbanded which resulted in this match, where Boss Man defeated Slick within 2 minutes. Yawn.

Rick Rude (With Bobby Heenan) defeated Jimmy Snuka

A match to put Rude over. Rude picked up the victory just after the 3 minute mark by hitting his Rude Awakening finisher.

Main Event:

The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF and the IC Championships

Okay folks, here we are for the main event of the night. The biggest match of the year as Warrior takes on Hulk Hogan. Looking back, it was supposed to be a ‘Passing of the Torch’ match between the two, but Hogan just refuses to bow out of Wrestling. These two faced again in WCW with Hogan wanting Warrior to job to him, which he eventually did. Anyway, a lot of hype for this main event, and considering the build up the match had, these two delivered with their power moves.

The match went well over 20 minutes. The end saw Hogan missing his leg drop! And Warrior splashed Hogan for the cover, and 1… 2… and 3! We have a new WWF Champion! Warrior celebrated as Hogan couldn’t believe it. Hogan handed the WWF title to Warrior and raised his hand, in what was an iconic image in WWE history!

Analysis: ***1/4 (Out of 5 stars)

And that gentlemen, is how you close a WrestleMania. Truly one of the most iconic images in wrestling history. And WrestleMania 6 has also earned the highest stars out of all the previous editions! It truly was a magnificent spectacle. Edge has spoken how Hogan’s match with Warrior inspired him to become a WWE superstar. This concludes the 6th edition of WrestleMania. Join me tomorrow as we continue looking back at the previous editions on our way to this year’s extravaganza.

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