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WRESTLEMANIA29- strengths and weakness.....

844   //    26 Mar 2013, 00:28 IST

As we are getting closer to wrestlemania29 which is just about 2 weeks away,i see here that road has set some extremely big matches for wrestlemania29.
here are some big matches which suppose to steal the show on April 7:
The Rock vs John cena
Brock lesnar vs Triple h
Undertaker vs CM punk
I personally feel that WWE wants these 3 matches to steal the the show on April 7.
well there are always at wrestlemania some matches which steals the show and some which are worst to see as a wrestling fan.
first i want to talk about the worst that will suppose to happens at WM29.
In my opinion Jake swagger vs Alberto Del Rio match is going to be a worst world championship match at mania29 because what i think right now Jake swagger is not a right choice for mania.i no they want to push new talent into main event matches but the stage of wrestlemania is not the correct choice.I as a wrestling fan expect more from championship match but this match truly will not going to work in my opinion. wwe should had to put someone like Chris jericho or randy orton in this match. so this match is according to me is going to become weakness of mania this year.
There is another match which is shield vs randy orton,sheamus and big show. what i think is we had seen shield in the same scenario previously also in their matches at TLC,elimination chamber and also few weeks before on raw.according to me WWE every year want to fill the wrestlemania card by making this kind of matches by putting big names who have not able to make it in championship matches and in a main event matches at mania.This will possibly be 10 minutes bout between shield and all star team which could end the winning streak of shield or may be not but this match will not going to work at wrestlemania. this match will only featured randy orton,sheamus and big show at mania29.
but in-spite a weakness of WM i can assure you guys that wwe definitely will do something that makes these matches politically interesting at wrestlemania29.
They made one interesting match that is Ryback vs Mark henry.i personally feel that this match is a right choice for mania to see who is better guy between two of them.

NOW i want to talk about the strength of this years wrestlemania, The reason why i am going to watch this years wrestling carnival on April 7.
firstly because i want to see The Rock vs John Cena WWE championship match.i know everyone will say first that we had seen this match last year and we had seen john cena loosing that battle. so this is going to be a boring contest this year. oh no guys how many of you have that thought in their mind just change it because i am going to give you guys a reason to watch this match this year.The thing is last year it was Miami,Rock’s HOMETOWN and all the conditions are against john cena. Cena had to lost that match because WWE could not allow cena to win against rock in Rock’s hometown. And this year it is for the wwe championship which ultimetelly increases our curiosity for the match.i know they both will put everything on the line this year and truly in 50-50 situation the one who will be better than other will win this year.
After that another match which i think is going to bang the show will be of Triple H vs Brock lesnar. well this is the match which i think steals the show on April 7 because of high profile feud between the game and lesnar. WWE made this match personal for triple h which will work on April more reason to watch this match is this could be Triple h’s last match because of triple h’s carrier is on the line in this brutal No holds barred match. just imagine what these both individual can do with each other in No holds barred situation and we got to see what triple h is going to do to save his legendary carrier.surely both man would put everything on the line and i just hope that we wont see the last of Triple h.
But i am totally confused about one match and that is The Undertaker vs CM punk. i mean guys its Undertaker’s streak on the line, his 20-0 legendary streak. i tell you why i am confused regarding this match.every year most of fans came to wrestlemania just to watch undertaker and his match. undoubtedly CM punk is the right guy to face undertaker at WM29 and try to end his 20-0 wrestlemania streak but this is not the right time or may be WWE is not made the right CM punk image when he is going to face taker at WM. May be most of us will go wrong who thought that undertaker is definitely going to beat punk at wrestlemania29 because of this CM punks character which he is playing right now. so this match could not work at this years wrestlemania as i exactly know what’s going to happen on April 7.i am a huge CM punk fan and i would love to watch this match when he is in his voice of the voiceless character and not in the character when he just claim he is best in the confused regarding this match.

so here’s what i think is strength and weakness of this years wrestlemania. may be i completely go wrong about my predictions and weaknessess may become the strength but at the end it is just a prediction. final result we will see on April 7 at met life stadium.
so its wrestlemania fever guys. i am a huge wrestling fan and one reason of me being a huge fan of wrestling is wrestlemania. i am pretty exited about this years wrestlemania. so many great matches is going to happen. i just hope that this years show is even better than previous ones wrestlemanias. i am sure about one thing that WWE is going to put best possible show on April 7…

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