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10 current WWE superstars who are weak on the mic

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Promos are paramount to a wrestler’s career in the WWE. The words they speak and the manner in which they speak play a huge part in getting them over with the crowd and with the higher ups backstage.

So, it’s a huge setback when despite being good at wrestling, the promos are nowhere near being remarkable. Some performers do get over despite the weakness. They either have managers or they are just too plain good in the ring or have a great background real story. 

Anyway, since the mic work is one of the most important aspects of sports entertainment, here are ten current superstars who are weak on the mic:

Note: This slideshow reflects the opinions of the author and not of the website.

10.Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar

No character has been built up and played to perfection like the Beast Incarnate. He’s a Pop Culture phenomenon for the WWE. Business, most definitely picks up when he makes his way down the ramp. But Lesnar’s one Achilles’ heel in his overall character is his mic work. That one weakness is camouflaged masterfully by the presence of one of the greatest managers of all time- Paul Heyman.

When Lesnar came back to a mammoth reaction in Miami on the Raw after Wrestlemania in 2012, his appearances to the build up to Extreme Rules saw that weakness get exposed. he was good but not breathtaking. He fell victim to the one criticism reserved for promos in the main event- ‘too dragged on’.

You realized how much he needs Paul Heyman. And then like clockwork, he arrived, one of the greatest alliances was re-formed and the rest is history. 

9.Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan, by all means, will go down in WWE’s history as one of the best in-ring workers of this era. He’s one of those rare superstars who succeeded despite being limited when it comes to exuding charisma on the microphone. He’s exhilarating to watch when wrestling and his background story is something that makes you support him. Fans and legends alike respect his grappling skills. 


The past year has been topsy-turvy for the 33-year-old. His solo promos had substance, but there was still something missing in his delivery. It was only when he went up against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, that things got interesting.

He’s the classic case of being a great wrestler but average on the mic but one of those rare case where despite the limitation he’s in the ‘greatest of all time’ books.

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