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10 Most annoying catchphrases in WWE history

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Michael Cole was one of those brilliant heels who had multiple annoying catchphrases

So much is often said about the best catchphrases in WWE history. WWE’s advent into pop culture litany has everything to do with its larger than life characters. Most of them were differentiated by their catchphrases. Like any TV show or movie, a catchphrase may strike a chord and stand the test of time. It becomes a pop culture artefact. 

But sometimes, the catchphrases are just plain annoying. You remember them because they just won’t stop shoving it down your throat. And once it’s been uttered, you don’t miss it anymore. It’s one major relief.

Here are the 10 most annoying catchphrases in WWE history. 


the-miz-pictures-2171.jpg (624×390)
The Miz

Yes, really. Miz may go down in history as one of the best heels WWE has seen. For somebody who started off from a reality show, he’s done pretty good for himself. While he’s good on the microphone and gets some legit heat from casual and hardcore fans alike.

The origins of this can be taken way back to the time when he was the WWE Champion. While, it may be something that suits Miz, it was an embarrassing variation to the ‘What’ catchphrase by Austin. It was just hard not to compare ‘Really’ to ‘What’ and think how ‘really’ wrong WWE got with it.

Thankfully, Hollywood Miz isn’t using it anymore.

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