WWE 205 Live Results: Imperium in action; Losing streak continues?聽

205 Live had a stellar main event featuring Imperium
205 Live had a stellar main event featuring Imperium

Another action-packed edition of WWE 205 Live featured Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner from Imperium against fan-favorite Ikeman Jiro and Trey Baxter. All superstars came into the match on the back of winning streaks, but only two could walk away with the win. Baxter's only loss on the purple brand came against Jiro, which made the dynamic more interesting.

The women's division featured Amari Miller and Valentina Feroz in a rematch. Feroz had momentum on her side while Miller was out to avenge her loss. Meanwhile, Malik Blade has not been able to pick up a single win on 205 Live despite impressing everyone with his repertoire. He faced off against Dante Chen who defeated Trey Baxter on NXT 2.0 in just over a minute.

Malik Blade vs Dante Chen on 205 Live

Chen worked on Blade's left arm and took him down with a few arm drags. Then he put him in a submission hold, but the latter countered it into an Irish whip and followed it up with a precision dropkick.

Blade returned the favor by working on Chen's left elbow, but the latter reversed it with a unique Hurricanrana-style takedown followed by a Bicycle Kick. Chen kept the offense going and delivered the inside cradle Guillotine drop for the three count.

Result: Dante Chen defeated Malik Blade via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B+

Amari Miller vs Valentina Feroz

The two superstars traded headlocks. Feroz gained the advantage initially and went for the armbar, which was countered into a crucifix pin by Miller. Both attempted a quick pinfall win multiple times but to no avail.

Feroz delivered a monkey flip for a near fall. She tried to put Miller in an armbar, but Miller reversed it. After a series of back-and-forth offenses, Miller delivered a knee to the chin of her opponent to secure the pinfall.

After the match, the two embraced, showing sportsmanship towards one another.

Result: Amari Miller defeated Valentina Feroz via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: C

Ikemen Jiro and Trey Baxter vs Imperium

Marcel and Trey started the proceedings showcasing their technical skills. They matched each other's counter-for-counter until Marcel took Trey down with a running tackle and a stiff kick.

Marcel tagged Fabian in and the latter continued dominating Baxter by focusing on his left arm. But Baxter found an opening, using his quickness to tag Jiro in. Jiro got in some offense, but Fabian used his power to overcome it. Just when the latter looked to capitalize, he ran into a boot from the former. Jiro applied the Taranatula on him after tagging Baxter.

Baxter delivered a bicycle kick and a hurricanrana to force Fabian out of the ring. This led to Marcel interfering, which was taken care of by Jiro. The duo then ran into clotheslines from Marcel and Fabian.

Imperium picked up the pace and destroyed Baxter with a double dropkick. They delivered power slams, stiff knees and clotheslines, but he still managed to kick out every attempted pinfall.

After getting cornered for a long time, Baxter managed to get to Jiro for a hot tag, who ran roughshod on both opponents. With both their opponents outside, Jiro tagged Baxter and they took them out with dives to the outside.

In the final moments of the match, the referee was unintentionally distracted by Jiro which led to Marcel pushing Baxter off the top rope, handing Imperium the advantage and they delivered the Imperium bomb for the win.

Result: Imperium defeated Trey Baxter and Ikemen Jiro via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A

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Edited by Vishal Kataria
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