WWE 205 Live Results: Stellar main-event; Diamond Mine in action

205 Live featured a solid main event between Grayson Waller and Trey Baxter
205 Live featured a solid main event between Grayson Waller and Trey Baxter
K Sai Krishna

It was yet another action-packed edition of WWE 205 Live. It featured a stellar main event between Trey Baxter and Grayson Waller. Having suffered two losses in a row, Baxter attempted to turn things around while his opponent tried to do the same following a failed attempt at dethroning the NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Roderick Strong.

Speaking of Strong, he made an appearance on the show along with the rest of The Diamond Mine to endorse the Creed brothers, Brutus and Julius, following their match against Demetri Jackson and Andrew Lockhart.

Following an impressive win over Valentina Feroz last week, Amari Miller looked to build momentum as she battled Sarray.

Sarray vs. Amari Miller on 205 Live

Both showcased technical prowess early on in the match by countering their opponents' attempts at submission until Sarray got the upper hand and trapped Miller in an armbar. Miller willed her way out of the hold, reversed an Irish whip, and decked Sarray with a back elbow.

She followed it up with a clothesline and a scoop slam for a two-count. Later, she put her in a fireman's carry position, which was countered into a schoolboy pin for a two-count. She then ran into a vicious kick from Miller, who followed it up with an STO.

Sarray escaped a pin attempt and delivered a solid roundhouse kick of her own. With her opponent lying on the bottom rope, she delivered a lethal dropkick, seemingly knocking Miller out for a pinfall victory.

Result: Sarray defeated Amari Miller via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B

The Creed Brothers vs. Demetri Jackson and Andrew Lockhart on 205 Live

Diamond Mine's dominant mercenaries, The Creed Brothers, made their purple brand debut against two local competitors. They had a great showing as they decimated their opponents with scoop slams and suplexes.

They displayed their incredible strength with a unique maneuver, which saw Julius slamming Brutus onto their opponent. They won the match after Brutus slammed his opponent on the mat followed by a clothesline from Julius.

Following the match, Malcolm Bivens, Roderick Strong, and the rest of Diamond Mine joined them in the ring and Bivens issued an open challenge to the entire WWE roster on behalf of The Creed Brothers.

Result: The Creed Brothers defeated Demetri Jackson and Andrew Lockhart via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B+

Trey Baxter vs. Grayson Waller on 205 Live

As always, Waller displayed his arrogance early on in the match, engaging with Baxter with his hands behind his back. Both superstars tried to outdo each other by countering each other's attacks. The duel ended with Baxter delivering a hurricanrana on the Australian star.

He kept the offense going with a stiff right hand followed by a splash for a one-count. He kept working on his left arm to wear him down and went for a slingshot move countered into a sidewalk slam by Waller.

Waller attacked Baxter's back and delivered a suplex for a near fall. He followed it up with an abdominal stretch and, when Baxter got a small opening, he shut it down with an STO. He then delivered a diving elbow from the second rope for another near fall.

Baxter used his quickness to plant Waller face-first into the mat with a DDT. With a flurry of offenses, he made his comeback into the match, including a dive outside the ring and a springboard splash.

Baxter then went to the top rope for another high-risk maneuver, but Waller quickly got up and put him in Fireman's carry position, which the former reversed into a pinfall attempt only to be reversed again by the latter into a pin of his own for the three count.

Result: Grayson Waller defeated Trey Baxter via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A

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Edited by Abhinav Singh
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