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5 best entrance themes on the current WWE roster

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When it comes to the world of sports entertainment, so many things can make or break a performer. A performer in the realm of the WWE is a combination of a variety of things. Be it their gimmick, wrestling skills, mic skills, ring gear, hairstyle etcetera. One of the major contributor to their presence or their brand is their theme song. An entrance theme in a WWE arena may be subject to a lot of cheers, jeers or just plain nothing. 

If there is a performer popular with the crowd, their entrance music sets the tone for the adrenaline rush 

Here are the 5 best entrance themes on the current roster-

1.Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar pumping up the crowd during his entrance

One of the few things that can never get old in the WWE is watching Brock Lesnar beating up people. Be it giants or minions, he makes every bit of what he does in and outside the ring spectacular. He has a legendary manager by his side to do all the talking and that is a badass combination of must- see television.

And what marks the presence of this kickass performer? 

A kickass theme song

Brock Lesnar enters the arena to a dwindling guitar tune, only to be pumped up by some heavy drum beats. The opening tune of the strings is enough to signify that something mammoth is about to go down. The theme song plays as a pronouncement in the words of Good ol’ JR that ‘business has just picked up’

2.Dean Ambrose

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The Lunatic Fringe

Since the split of The Shield, Reigns has the team’s theme song modified for his entrance, Seth Rollins is doing great with his minimal drum beating theme music but Dean Ambrose’s music has been something simple yet significant. 

Termed as ‘The Lunatic Fringe’, his wild/ crazy side is not a secret. The opening of the theme has an engine revving up. It may also signify an incoming crash, both of which suit Ambrose’s character superbly. Ambrose, ever since his advent into a solo career has had many moments where he’s performed so many generic formulas of the WWE, differently. The opening theme lingers on to signify his arrival and garners a reputation that Dean Ambrose is like a gathering storm.

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