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5 Reasons Goldberg - Lesnar 2 didn't even last 2 minutes

Riju Dasgupta
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30.96K   //    21 Nov 2016, 14:54 IST
The most awaited match this year lasted less than two minutes

This Survivor Series was different from the ones that preceded it. This year many old-time fans tuned in to catch the return of their favourite superstar- Bill Goldberg. Away since 2004, and having left on bad terms with the company, Goldberg made his heroic comeback to the ring a few weeks ago to answer Lesnar’s challenge.

Drowned in a chorus of ‘Goldberg’ chants, the return was magical in many ways. In the weeks that followed, we saw a build up like never before. We were building up to a contest between two monsters of sports entertainment. The two behemoths would lock horns and give us the battle of a lifetime. 

And as the two battle beasts squared off at Survivor Series, this much-anticipated encounter lasted less than 2 minutes, not counting their entrances. While this could come as a shocker to millions, we believe that WWE had a few legitimate reasons for taking this bold call. We present them here.

#5 Goldberg could never work long matches

Even at his prime, Goldberg was limited

In an interview, Perry Saturn revealed that after a slightly longer match than Goldberg was used to, he needed oxygen, back during his celebrated WCW run! As Eric Bischoff himself confesses, the fact that Goldberg got over, was mainly due to ‘smoke and mirrors’.

His shortcomings were concealed in short squash matches against all his opponents. Because Goldberg never had to work long matches, he was over, as a celebrated star in WCW. All his flaws were exposed during his first WWE run, where he had to face The Rock and Triple H, who were far better ‘wrestlers’.

Today’s match played to Goldberg’s strengths and gave the fans a chance to see him as the monster he was. 

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