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5 Storylines for Rusev after the split from Lana

Being a Paul Heyman guy or joining the Authority, Here are some of the best story lines that WWE could run with Rusev.

Top 5 / Top 10 28 May 2015, 17:43 IST

Rusev’s professional wrestling career is at cross roads right now. Lana was arguably one of the best parts about The Bulgarian Brute and now that they are going separate ways, there are big chances of Rusev ending up like just another wasted foreign heel.

The Lana angle is apparently going to run for the time being in the company and now WWE needs to worry about how they should book Rusev in the future.

Rusev is indeed a solid talent in between the ropes making it important for the company to keep him running for a few more years. WWE does have their options of saving him if they look deep and here is a look at the best ways in which WWE could book Rusev once he completely breaks up with Lana.

Make him a Paul Heyman Guy

Heyman will clearly change Rusev’s career

One of the major reasons why WWE paired up Lana with Rusev was probably because of his shortcomings on the microphone. It is not like Rusev is bad in the promo business but he is not anywhere near the main event quality that he should be. Now that Lana is gone, Rusev will need someone to talk for him.

And who can be a better talker than Paul Heyman? The guy is being wasted with the part-time appearances with Brock Lesnar as he could really come in and make Rusev look like Gold. If WWE does have plans of letting Rusev have a run in the main event scene, then making him a Paul Heyman Guy is what the company should do.

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