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5 Times babyfaces went berserk on another WWE Superstar

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Even the most lovable of babyfaces aren’t completely good guys

Baby Faces are obviously the ‘all-good’ heroes of a wrestling promotion. They are the epitome of everything good and honourable. But sometimes, when these babyfaces are in an extremely heated feud, they tend to go berserk on their opponents.

And when they do, they make those barbaric and chaotic heels look like kindergarten boys. Here’s 5 Times Baby Faces went absolutely nuts.

#5 Alberto Del Rio destroys Dolph Ziggler at Payback

Ziggler paid a heavy price for cashing in his MITB briefcase on Alberto Del Rio

Who can forget the iconic Money In The Bank cash-in Dolph Ziggler made on Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Title on the night after Wrestlemania 29. An injured Del Rio, who was a face at the time, sat at the ringside helplessly as Dolph Ziggler marched towards the ring to take his title away from him.

Frustration had taken over Del Rio after he failed to retain the title at Extreme Rules the next month. The feud got heated up by the time Payback arrived. Before the match, Del Rio walked into the squared-circle as a face while World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler walked in as a heel.

This all changed when the bell rung.

Alberto Del Rio unleashed his wrath on Dolph Ziggler through consecutive Super Kicks to the face and innumerable suplexes.

He made Dolph crawl and struggle to even get up, as he smiled at his misery.

Fans’ cheers started transitioning into loud boos. At one point, even the referee came in to ask Del Rio to end it. And he did, with another massive superkick to Dolph’s head and took away the Championship.

There was a double turn that night. Dolph won the fans’ heart and Del Rio, despite getting booed out of the building, left with the belt. 


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