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5 unique things about Kevin Owens that makes him compelling

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Published 06 Jun 2015, 14:51 IST
06 Jun 2015, 14:51 IST
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You just DO NOT ignore Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens- the Indy sensation, the NXT Champion, the family man- came to the main roster and conquered John Cena. Yes, WWE actually made that happen and all the hardcore fans got to witness this rarest of the rare moments.

This was historic and just like in NXT, in a matter of a few weeks, Kevin Owens made an impeccably indelible mark. He’s yet to taste defeat and he’s always had a great fight when the time to fight does arrive. 

Owens has simply become the newest sensation in the main roster and made things much more interesting. He may be the newest arrival in Vince Mcmahon’s list of aspiring candidates for the proverbial brass ring.

Here are 5 unique things about Kevin Owens that makes him compelling

1.Cool and Casual

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Kevin Owens

The first thing that’s striking about the reigning NXT Champion is the way he cuts a promo. Some may see that he’s followed Stone Cold’s advice that he, once upon a time, received. The veteran told him to learn how to cut a promo.

Owens is not someone we’ve seen come out to the ring and shout at the top of his lungs to show how angry he is. It’s in the pauses he delivers inbetween sentences, the composure he displays, the simmer in his voice and the vehemence in his eyes.

The cool, casual and composed way of delivering promos is certainly a welcome sign.

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