5 women we would love to see once again in WWE

  • Despite the hardships that was in front of them, they succeeded where others couldn't. Now, will they get one more chance?
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Modified 26 Jun 2016, 16:40 IST
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AJ Lee during her last WrestleMania appearance

WWE’s history won’t have as many women on the legendary list as much as men. The ratio has never been equal. The one thing women have always fought for in this hyper- masculine world is an opportunity. And over the years many of these performers tore down the barrier and broke glass ceilings to make a huge impact and create their own niche. Some, sadly, are no longer with us but paved the way for many talented, fearless women to take what is theirs and revolutionize the industry.

The women’s wrestling division was at its most prosperous with Lita and Trish Stratus taking the lead. It is gaining all that back with the women from NXT revitalizing the division. Here are the 5 women we would love to see back in the WWE

#1 Alundra Blayze

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Alundra Blayze should return as a regular character.

She returned to provide us with one of the best speeches ever in Hall of Fame history. Her charisma hasn’t waned one single bit. It’s as if her badassery has gotten better with age. Her feud with Bull Nakano trail blazed a new narrative for women’s wrestling in WWE and their SummeSlam match is still amongst the best in the history of the PPV and for the division in general.

She is also known for infamously throwing the WWE Women’s Championship in a dumpster for WCW. Blayze has got a certain screen presence that gets your attention and the command that makes you want to listen to what she has to say.

Either get her a talk show or have her become somebody’s manager. She’ll set the screen a-blayze with her charisma.

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Published 26 Jun 2016, 16:04 IST
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