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WWE/AEW News: Chris Jericho opens up about Vince McMahon's banned terms

Gary Cassidy
6.37K   //    12 Feb 2019, 00:12 IST

Y2J met with WWE before signing with AEW
Y2J met with WWE before signing with AEW

What's the story?

All Elite Wrestling shocked the world during their Double or Nothing Rally when Chris Jericho was revealed as one of their landmark signings.

Now Y2J has opened up about his former employer's banned terms, joking about the words Vince McMahon wouldn't let him, or any other talent, use.

In case you didn't know...

Jericho recently opened up to Chris Van Vliet via his YouTube channel about his AEW move and how a certain Mr McMahon reacted to the news.

I spoke to Vince before I signed, and he knew it. The words we exchanged were very amicable, and it wasn't like it was a surprise. Business is business. Vince McMahon is my friend; I respect him, I love the guy. No ill will whatsoever, just the business road took me this way. I would've been crazy not to do it because I might insult somebody. I think the first guy who would agree with that is Vince.

You can watch the entire video below.

The heart of the matter

Recently on Talk Is Jericho, AEW's big-name signing Chris Jericho spoke with WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page - a man I had the pleasure of interviewing last year - where they discussed banned words in WWE.

The story came about when the record-holder WWE Intercontinental Champion referred to Page's fitness program, DDPY, as 'yoga'. When DDP corrected Y2J, the Fozzy frontman joked that Page sounded like WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.


Jericho noted that Vince hated people calling a championship title a 'belt'.

Hey, Vince, I don't know if I should lose the belt.'
[Imitating McMahon] 'The what?'
'Sorry, the title.'
You couldn't say 'belt' because a belt is what you use to hold up your pants.

Jericho stated that the 'WWE Universe' was the only legitimate term for the people watching the product.

"You couldn't say 'fans' because it's the 'WWE Universe'," Jericho recalled. "And never say 'marks' because [imitating McMahon] 'they're not marks - they're our fans!'

One more surprising word McMahon disliked was the term 'job' - calling it a 'favour'.

And the other one is the 'job'.
[Imitating McMahon] 'Uh uh. We do favors, not jobs.'
The Vince verbiage!

Check out the podcast here or in the audio player below. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

What's next?

Well, I guess we just need to keep an eye out to see what Jericho will do in AEW! Meanwhile, you can read more about AEW here.

What do you think about Jericho joining AEW and his words regarding Vince McMahon? Let us know in the comments.