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WWE/AEW News: Cody Rhodes responds to Seth Rollins' "minor leagues" comment

Published Nov 04, 2019
Nov 04, 2019 IST

Cody Rhodes and SRollins
Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins recently took a shot at All Elite Wrestling, referring to the promotion as "minor leagues". AEW EVP Cody Rhodes has now responded to the same, stating that he doesn't take these comments personally.

Rollins calls AEW "minor leagues"

When AEW arrived on the Pro Wrestling scene, many believed that this was the dawning of a new era in the industry, and a modern incarnation of the Monday Night Wars was on the horizon. AEW's first show, "Double Or Nothing" was a huge success, primarily because of an incredible match between Cody and Dustin Rhodes, and the shocking debut of Jon Moxley. AEW soon presented its weekly show, Dynamite, which clashes with WWE NXT every Wednesday. The two companies have been taking shots at each other on social media as well as on TV for the past several months, and this is certainly an exciting time to be a Pro Wrestling fan.

Former Universal Champion Seth Rollins took part in a Q&A session a while ago, where he talked about the possibility of wrestling Kenny Omega. Here's what Rollins had to say:

"When Kenny is done playing in the minor leagues over there, Kenny can come and work at the absolute top professional wrestling company in the world, in front of the most people, make the most money and have the biggest matches, which is with me at WrestleMania."

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Cody responds to Seth's comments

This comment didn't sit well with AEW fans and Rollins received major backlash on Twitter. All Elite Wrestling's EVP, Cody Rhodes has now responded to Rollins' comments, and it seems like Rhodes isn't bothered with what Rollins said about AEW. Check out his comments below:

"I don't think they were as mean-spirited as the world made them out to be. Seth is super talented. I had his very first dark match in WWE... he's a unique soul and works his a** off, when a lot of people in that company just collect their checks. I kind of just sit back in those moments and don't take it personally because part of wrestling is us talking s**t about each other."

Check out Cody's full interview on ESPN Radio HERE.

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