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WWE Backlash 2016: Hope and Reality

Who will leave Backlash victorious? More importantly, who do you want to leave victorious?

Are you hyped?

This Sunday, September 11th, Backlash returns to The Network, and we’re getting a new Smackdown Tag Team and a new Smackdown Women’s Champ. Pretty exciting for a Backlash. We got AJ headlining and a heated feud between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. We got Naomi’s fun as hell entrance and Mojo’s hype. We got a couple days so I’ll probably change my mind 9 times before the pre-show kickoff, then 3 during the pre-show kickoff. I’m stoked, more so than usual for a Backlash.

If my brain goo was a pro wrestling match, it would be Hope vs Reality. Hope, the desperate babyface looking for just that one moment of glory, and Reality, the jerk heel that never lets me win and I suspect they’re cheating but the stupid ref keeps missing it.

So let’s quickly move onto seeing me have all my dreams shattered and get it over with....

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