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WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match, WWE Elimination Chamber, Winner and Analysis

An epic Elimination Chamber match saw The Eater Of Worlds be crowned the new WWE Champion

Bray Wyatt finally captured the big one

John Cena and AJ Styles started off the action to an extremely hot crowd. Dean Ambrose was the third entry to the chamber, and the first entrant to exit his pod. Cena, AJ, and Ambrose went at it, with Ambrose even jumping on Cena from the top of his pod. The next person to exit the pod was Bray Wyatt. 

AJ appeared to be taking a lot of bumps. The match was met early on with “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Baron Corbin exited his pod next. Corbin had a strong showing, and The Miz came out at last. Corbin was waiting for The Miz, and Dean Ambrose rolled him up and pinned him, eliminating him.

Baron Corbin was outraged and assaulted Ambrose, sending him through a pod. He then hit him with the End Of Days before being forced to leave. The Miz then waited for Corbin to get shut out, and then pinned Dean Ambrose. 

The Miz began his taunts of Daniel Bryan and attacked the remaining 3 competitors with kicks and running dropkicks. The Miz hit a skull crushing finale onto Bray on the steel, and as he tried jumping at Cena, who caught him and hit him with an AA to pin him.

Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles formed a temporary alliance and attacked Cena, but their alliance did not last for long, as they went at each other. Cena hit Bray with an AA and Styles then hit the Styles clash on Cena, who kicked out at 2.

Cena managed to hit the AA on Styles, who kicked out at 2. Cena then got on top of a pod and jumped on both Bray and AJ. When Cena attempted an AA on Bray, The Eater Of Worlds countered it into a Sister Abigail, landing it, pinning, and eliminating Cena.

Bray and Styles were the final two left. The encounter saw a lot of counters by the two competitors. AJ Styles came close to pinning Bray after hitting a 450 splash on him. Bray Wyatt countered the Phenomenal Forearm to a Sister Abigail, pinning AJ and becoming the new WWE Champion.

At the end of the show, Randy Orton stood at the entrance, and the two had a distant staredown, and Bray celebrated as the show ended.

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