WWE Clash at the Castle: 5 Potential finishes for Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre - Heartbreaking betrayal, former Champion interferes 

Roman Reigns defends his Championship against Drew McIntyre
Roman Reigns defends his Championship against Drew McIntyre

Roman Reigns defends his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Drew McIntyre this weekend at Clash at the Castle, with many fans believing that McIntyre could finally be the man to overcome The Tribal Chief.

Reigns and McIntyre have collided in the past but this is the first time that McIntyre could be considered to have a slight advantage since he will be wrestling in his home country. Reigns will obviously have The Bloodline in his corner, but The Scottish Warrior will have Angela on hand as an equalizer for any interference.

Clash at the Castle is the first WWE Stadium show in the United Kingdom in three decades and the company will definitely be wanting to mark the historic occasion.

#5. Roman Reigns retains the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle

Roman Reigns has been one of the most dominant forces in the company over the past few years and has brushed aside every challenge in his path. Reigns has defeated the likes of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, making many fans believe that he can easily get past Drew McIntyre despite the UK crowd.

The Tribal Chief has defeated Drew McIntyre every other time that he has faced him since his return and it's likely that this match will go in the same direction. Reigns has a number of wrestlers backing him up on Saturday night and the most likely outcome is for him to walk out of the United Kingdom with both Championships around his waist.

#4. Drew McIntyre becomes the first man to pin Roman Reigns in almost three years

Rumors from WrestleVotes yesterday suggested that there have been discussions surrounding Roman Reigns dropping the Championships this weekend at Clash at the Castle. Whilst it's hard to believe that Reigns could be beaten or pinned after almost three years of avoiding defeat, this weekend would be the perfect place.

McIntyre is the hometown hero who was denied his WrestleMania victory in front of a live audience when COVID-19 forced WWE to present WrestleMania 36 from the Performance Center. This could finally be his chance to cement his comeback and take Reigns' place as the biggest star in WWE.

#3. Karrion Kross involves himself in the match and causes the disqualification

Karrion Kross has made it clear that he has Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns in his sights. With Reigns expected to miss Extreme Rules, it would make sense for Kross to include himself in the match to set up a showdown between the two men at next month's event.

This would then perfectly set up a triple-threat match for Survivor Series and would allow Reigns to continue his historic reign for several more months. After all, it would be much easier to book Reigns to lose the title in a multi-man match, so that he isn't made to look weak after brushing aside most of the roster since 2019.

#2. Sami Zayn betrays Roman Reigns and costs him the Championship at Clash at the Castle

Sami Zayn and Jey Uso have been having some issues in recent weeks and it's clear that even though he's been made a part of The Bloodline, he isn't seen as a member of the family. Zayn obviously has a plan, which is why he allowed himself to be immersed in Reigns' world to begin with.

Could his plans finally play out this weekend at Clash at the Castle when he turns his back on The Tribal Chief and helps Drew McIntyre become the Champion? It wouldn't be one of the most surprising moments of the night since Zayn has found it hard to be loyal throughout his career, so it would be straight out of his and Kevin Owens' playbook.

#1. The Usos interfere in the match to help Roman pick up the win at Clash at the Castle

The Usos have been by Roman Reigns' side for several years now and are one of the main reasons why he has been able to dominate the company for so long. The Tribal Chief needs The Usos just as much as they need him and he could be reliant on them once again this weekend at Clash at the Castle.

Reigns was left alone with McIntyre last week on SmackDown and The Scottish Warrior was able to completely dominate him and brush aside the threat of Sami Zayn. Reigns was only able to get the upperhand this past week because of help from The Usos and if things get too tough for him in Cardiff on Saturday night, then it's likely that he will once again call in a favor.

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