WWE Clash at the Castle: 6 Surprises that could happen - Former Women's Champion returns, end of an era, shocking cameo 

Clash at the Castle should be full of surprises
Clash at the Castle should be full of surprises

WWE Superstars have already begun making the trip over to the United Kingdom ahead of Clash at the Castle this weekend.

This will be the first stadium show that WWE has presented in the UK in three decades and could see some interesting shocks and surprises as Triple H continues to mold the company in his vision.

The following list looks at just six surprises that could happen at Clash at the Castle on Saturday night.

#6. Charlotte Flair makes her long overdue return to WWE

Charlotte Flair hasn't appeared on WWE TV since Backlash a few months ago when she lost her SmackDown Women's Championship to Ronda Rousey. WWE has moved forward in her absence and Liv Morgan is now the champion looking to defend against Shayna Baszler at Clash at the Castle.

Ronda Rousey's suspension has now been lifted, so she will be free to interfere in the match on Saturday night, which would leave Morgan at a distinct disadvantage. Rousey will likely interfere to help Baszler, and Charlotte Flair could then make her return to even out the playing field.

#5. Tyson Fury appears and lays down a huge challenge for Drew McIntyre


Tyson Fury and Drew McIntyre have been building towards a match for several years, but this idea was dropped because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that WWE has finally managed to stage its UK event, Fury is rumored to be someone who could be in attendance.

The former two-time heavyweight boxing champion has already wrestled one match for WWE and it's believed that an appearance at Clash at the Castle could allow him to challenge McIntyre to a match.

Fury vs. McIntyre could then headline the next event that will take place in the United Kingdom, which would work with or without the World Championship.

#4. Pete Dunne reverts to his old character

Pete Dunne was one of several superstars whose name was changed earlier this year when Vince McMahon released an edict regarding well-known independent names and real names being changed in WWE.

Dunne has since become Butch, but it's clear that this name change hasn't had the intended reaction. He has since teased that he could revert to his old character in the United Kingdom.

This would mean turning his back on Sheamus and Ridge Holland, but it's a worthy sacrifice if the United Kingdom crowd is able to see The Bruiserweight come to life once more.

#3. Seth Rollins vs. Riddle has the stipulation changed ahead of Clash at the Castle

Seth Rollins cut deep with his comments aimed at Riddle and his family this week on RAW, and it's clear that there is much more to this feud than meets the eye. Riddle and Rollins have been battling it out for several months, and ahead of this week's RAW they almost came to blows in the parking lot.

There needs to be a stipulation added to the match ahead of the show, which could happen if the two men are found brawling backstage as part of the pre-show. This would then allow the two to leave it all in the ring and ensure that only one superstar is able to walk out this time.

#2. Dominik joins The Judgment Day

Dominik has been pushing towards joining The Judgment Day for several months. This weekend, he could finally turn heel and link up with Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and Finn Balor.

When Rey Mysterio chose Edge as his partner over his own son, the seeds were planted. It was then confirmed that Dominik would be at ringside for the show, meaning that he could play a part in the outcome.

It's likely that Dominik will betray his father and help The Judgment Day win the match before pledging his loyalty to the cause.

#1. Drew McIntyre becomes the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at Clash at the Castle

Drew McIntyre was denied his championship-winning moment at WrestleMania 36 when he was forced to wrestle Brock Lesnar in a warehouse. The former champion has been pushing for this match - and for a UK-based show - ever since.

McIntyre is representing his country at Clash at the Castle and it's clear that he wants to walk out with both those championships around his waist. Whether it's Sami Zayn, Karrion Kross, or The Usos who interfere in the match, it would be one of the biggest shocks of the night if McIntyre is able to end Reigns' historic reign and become only the second Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

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