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WWE Clash Of Champions 2016: 5 Unseen moments you may have missed

A fan's gesture while Roman Reign made his entrance encapsulates what the IWC thinks of the new United States Champion.

And Roman Reigns’s resume grows

RAW’s first brand-exclusive PPV, Clash Of Champions is in the books and to say it wasn’t a solid show would be an understatement. Yes, the main event lacked a swerve-worthy finish, but the show highlighted the most important aspect in pro wrestling – the in-ring action.

Every match on the show did its bit in telling a story and keeping the fans invested. While the show had moments that were all there to be seen, a host of others eluded the cameras and the eyes of the fans.

This slideshow takes a look at those moments that were either part of the show and missed the glaring attention of the fans or were part of the fallout of Clash Of Champions. 

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