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WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: Match Card and Predictions

WWE Elimination Chamber matches and predictions

All for that

All for that

Almost a whisker away from the granddaddy of them all, WWE is going to make its last stop before the WWE Network at Elimination Chamber.

Known for the punishing match in the steel structure, the PPV will prove that is much more than just the main event. Many story lines are going to sprout and intervene at the Chamber, all which will clear the air surrounding the feuds that could culminate at WrestleMania.

Many questions are yet to be answered at the Chamber and the WWE has only booked three matches for the Chamber till now. All three make up mouthwatering prospects with the potential addition of a Tag Team Title defense and a Divas match.

But the three matches currently being announced has the fire power to steal the show no matter what all additions are made so let’s take a look at how these matches could end and what effect it could have on the long run.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Batista

The Momentum builder

The Momentum builder

This must be the least hyped of the three but Del Rio and Batista are going to put up a show that will be worth remembering.

The Animal has a lot of rustiness to shake off as we saw in the Royal Rumble while Del Rio will be trying to stamp once again that he is among the best in-ring technicians in the company.

Del Rio is reported to be unhappy with the booking he’s been receiving as he fell from being a main eventer in SmackDown to a midcarder who has lost his prominence. But the creative is not going to take that into account since they wouldn’t want Batista to lose any kind of momentum before his big match at Mania.

The match would be an above average one since Del Rio will complement the Animal well. The clash of two styles will also aid the in ring dynamics.

But make no mistake about it Batista is going to walk out as the winner after a thrilling encounter.

Prediction: Batista wins but Del Rio shines

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