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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: 3 reasons why Kofi Kingston should have won the WWE Championship 

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Kofi Kingston has once again proved that WWE should consider him as a top singles superstar. The New Day member lasted over an hour on SmackDown, and today, was the final one to be pinned inside the Elimination Chamber.

The fans were all behind him in Houston, Texas, but WWE Creative went ahead and kept the title on Daniel Bryan. While there is no legit reason to why Kofi wasn't made a champion tonight, everyone would agree that he does deserve another title opportunity.

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Here are 5 reasons why WWE should have given Kofi the title:

#3 It's about time

Kofi Kingston has been in the WWE for 11 years now and has not won the WWE Championship even once. He has won the US Title, Intercontinental Championship and the tag titles but it's about time WWE put the big title on him too.

It's true that his opportunity came out of nowhere for Kingston but he did manage to get the crowd behind him within no time. Mustafa Ali's injury had forced WWE to switch him with Kingston but his one performance was enough to get the WWE Universe to back him.

WWE creative literally had to do nothing to get this sort of a reaction from the crowd. Vince McMahon is going after Becky Lynch to get the whole WWE Universe behind her, The Authority went against Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan to make them a crowd favourite but nothing of that sort was needed with Kofi.

The New Day is not involved in any title feud right now and are just mid-carders filling in roles and gaps in the roster. This would have been the ideal time to put the title on Kofi and give him that push he always deserved.

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