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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: Star Rating Every Match From The PPV

Archit Sahay
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The Amazing Women's Tag Team Chamber Match
The Amazing Women's Tag Team Chamber Match

The Elimination Chamber pay per view for this year is now in the history books. It was certainly a night of solid action and entertainment along with certain disappointments.

The show had seven matches including the fantastic kickoff show Cruiserweight title match.

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The first three matches on the main show saw new champions being crowned in a surprising turn of events. This was followed by two not so good matches before the emotional main event.

After that, Ronda Rousey squashed Ruby Riott in disappointing fashion. All in all, this was a decently satisfying show, to say the least.

Here, an attempt is made to analyze every match by rating them on a scale of five-stars.

#1 Buddy Murphy (Champion) vs Akira Tozawa- Singles Match for the Cruiserweight Championship (Kickoff Show)

Wrist Lock Sequence
Wrist Lock Sequence

This match was excellent right from the very beginning. Commencing with a well-executed wristlock sequence, it developed into a fascinating fast pace contest.

The story of the match was Tozawa fearlessly throwing every high-risk move he can at Murphy, but, Murphy being the juggernaut is just strong enough to overcome it all.


It also made good use of the size difference of the two competitors with Murphy once catching Tozawa in mid-air while attempting a suicide dive and hitting a suplex.

Another memorable spot had Murphy roll through to get Tozawa in a fireman's carry after Akira hit a cross body on him in typical John Cena fashion.

He then hit him with a shoulder drop on his knee, pump up knee and a powerbomb in quick succession, but, Tozawa was able to survive.

Murphy barely survived a senton to the back before successfully putting Tozawa away with Murphy's Law. To summarize, this match was a perfect endorsement for the cruiserweight division.

Rating: 4*

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